Hello and Welcome to House Of Arabica.

My name is Sarah Price. I am the person behind this website.
This is the home for every coffee lover like me.

So why this website is "House Of Arabica"?

Well….Arabica was the first coffee bean that was cultivated centuries ago.
The Arabica bean now accounts for 70% of the world’s coffee consumption.

Sarah R. Price

Sarah R. Price

So in essence, you can say that we are the home of coffee.

At HouseOfArabica.com, my aim is to provide the best information possible for coffee lovers.
I Want to build best resource over internet regarding coffee and coffee accessories.

I’ve gone through many other websites and blogs.
But I’ve found lots of scopes to share information for true coffee fans.

I also feel the necessity of true and useful product comparisons.
Along with tips, suggestions and other helpful comments.

I want to guide the readers on how they can enjoy their best coffees.
People may drink coffee twice or more times every day. Sometimes even more.

So, I am here to help them make their perfect coffee that has

Great taste
Great smell​​​​​
Great feel
Great looks
Thanks again for taking a look.

If you ever need to get in touch with us with either a question or suggestion, you can contact me here

Hope you enjoy my website!

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