Best Grinder For Cold Brew Coffee

With so many choices on the market, I know how intimidating it can be to pick out a coffee grinder.

Especially because different styles are good for different things.

But don't worry: I'm here to walk you through the different options out there.

Keep reading to find out which cold brew grinder will work best for you.

Best Types Of Grinders For Cold Brew

1. Manual Burr

It seems a little “old fashioned,” but you use this type by hand. There is a hand crank attached to the “burrs.” The burrs are abrasive surfaces that grind your beans. These burrs are either flat, or conical.

With a manual burr style, you turn the hand crank to operate it. Many of this type are adjustable. This means you can change the settings for the grind size, which is important.

2. Electric Burr

Just as it sounds, these types of processors are electrical. Unlike with the manual burr style, you don't have to use a hand-crank. It still has those same abrasive surfaces that grind your beans, though.


You can change the settings on these, too. The electric ones also come with either flat or conical burrs. Both do a good job grinding your beans.

3. Blade Types

Some coffee grinders have blades instead of burrs. These look similar to food blenders: they have the blades in the middle, which spin to grind the beans.


Usually, blade versions are bit cheaper than burr styles.They are easier on the bank account, but sometimes they're not as consistent.

4. Blender

Did you know that you can use a regular blender as a coffee grinder? This is helpful if you don't have a regular one at home but you accidentally buy whole beans!

Blenders are similar to the machines that use blades. The blender has blades that spin to grind up your beans. This won’t always be as precise as a regular processor. But it's useful if you don't have another option on hand.

Speed Facts: Which Is Better For Cold Brew?

1. High-Speed

Different coffee grinders have different speeds. High speed ones are usually pricier, but efficient. They provide a more consistent, precise grind. This can be especially great if you're planning to make espresso or use other specialty brewing methods.

2. Slow Speed

Generally when you make a cold brew, you want coarsely-ground beans. If you know that you will be making a lot of this drink, you should choose a machine with a slow speed option.


Usually, the devices with burrs are the slower ones. These provide a coarser grind. This is great for low-temp steeps, french presses and even drip coffee.

What's The Best Grind Size For Cold Brew?

As I said above, you generally need a large-size grind if you plan on steeping it in cool-temp water. In fact, you should look for a grinder that has an “extra coarse” setting.

This works best because cold brew is a longer extraction process than when using an automatic machine. If you use a smaller, finer grind size, the drink may come out tasting too bitter

What More To Look For In A Cold Brew Coffee Grinder?

1. Fresh Roasted Coffee

You probably think that using super fresh coffee beans is best every time. It turns out, giving them some time is better!

(This came as a surprise to me, too!). If you’re looking for peak flavor for your cold brew, some say it is best to use beans 10-14 days AFTER they are roasted.

2. Cup Selector

I recommend finding a grinder that allows you to select how many cups you plant to prepare. This way, you can choose how much to make and not waste any fresh grounds that are left over.

After all, fresh, quality grounds are key for making your favorite drink (not leftover grounds that have gone stale in your machine!)

3. Hopper

The container that holds the beans is called the hopper. Generally, the standard size of a hopper is 8oz (or 1 cup).If you plan on making cold brew often, seek out  a grinder with a bigger hopper.

This is because when you make this type of drink, you usually make large batches at a time. I recommend a device with a hopper that is big enough to grind more beans at once.

4. Cleaning

Cleaning your grinder regularly will help prevent buildup. This is especially important for keeping that fresh, delicious taste when you grind your coffee beans.


Too much build up, and you will find that leftover stale grounds may affect the taste of your drink.I recommend looking for one that can be taken apart easily. This way, cleaning it will just be a quick and easy chore!

Choosing The Best Grinder For Cold Brew


  1. Slow Speed
  2. Compact
  3. Affordable
  4. Easy to use

I appreciate that this style is slow speed. As I told you above, slower speeds are ideal for making cold brews.  Also, I enjoy that it is on the smaller side, because it takes up less space in the kitchen. Sometimes you just don't have much extra space to buy new kitchen appliances!

I recommend the Capresso especially if you are on a budget and you are not interested in spending a ton of money. Not only is it inexpensive, but it is very simple to use.


  1. Can be messy

  2. Can be difficult to clean

  3. Occasional clogging

Sometimes this grinder can get a little messy. That means spending extra time cleaning up when you could be doing something else. Sometimes it gets clogged due to ground retention.

So you need to be careful about making sure it is always cleaned out. Lastly, when you grind at the coarsest setting, it can be somewhat inconsistent. For the most part, it is still great for chilled caffeine infusion.

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  1. Consistent grind

  2. High Performance

  3. Wide range of settings

  4. Easy to clean

The great thing about this grinder is that it is consistent at all of it settings. This is important if you plan on using chilled immersive methods. It is is also good if you prefer a processor that you can use for drip coffee or espresso. Chances are, you are looking for a versatile device to suit many needs.

It is high-performing and I find that I don't have to fiddle with the setting. It is easy to clean, which I love! I don't love to spend a lot of time cleaning my kitchen appliances, and I'm sure you don't, either.


  1. Price

  2. Messy

  3. Coffee grounds retention

This Baratza is a bit on the pricier side. For some people, this will be worth it, especially if they have a bigger budget. If you are looking to spend a little more on a really good grinder, this could be an option for you.

If you have a smaller budget, you should find other machines out there that will still get the job done, but are less expensive.


This one can get a little messy because of the grounds retention. You have to stay on top of it so that it doesn't cause the mechanisms to get clogged.

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  1. Easy for beginners

  2. Wide range of settings

  3. Slow speed

  4. Consistent coarse grind

The Encore is great for beginners. If you are looking to buy your first grinder, you can't go wrong here. It has many different settings which means you can use this appliance for most of your needs. 

With the Encore, you can trust that you will be able to prepare quality drip java, espresso AND cold brew. I think the Encore is good for low-temp style java because it has a consistent coarse grind. It also has a slow speed, which helps even more.


  1. Price

  2. Messy

  3. Noise

This definitely is not the most expensive grinder out there. But it's not the cheapest, either. With the Baratza Encore, you also need to think about using only high-quality coffee. If you use cheaper brands, you will have issues with messy clogging. 

That's because the cheaper beans tends to be more oily. So if you decide to spend more money to buy it, remember that you will need to spend more money on your coffee beans, too.


Another small issue is the noise. There are other grinders out there that are a bit quieter. However, it's always important to balance price with the qualities you are looking for.

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  1. Compact

  2. Easily adjustable

  3. Durable

  4. Attractive

I know they say looks aren't important, but it's nice to have a good-looking grinder! It has a beautiful glass holder wrapped in rubber. I find this functional and attractive. When you're not using it, you can leave it out on the counter and it will blend in nicely!

I enjoy how easily adjustable this Bodum is. This is helpful for both beginners and advanced drinkers. I can simply decide what kind of drink I plan to make (whether it is drip, espresso, or cold brew) and adjust as necessary.


  1. Messy

  2. Small capacity

  3. Too fine

This is another one that can be a little bit messy, which means more cleaning. I prefer the idea of using a grinder that requires minimal work. What can I say? I'm a busy mom and I don't always have time to worry about those things. 

Also, it has a small holder. When I make cold brew, I make large batches at once. A processor with a larger capacity is helpful for that. 

Finally, this Bodum is not coarse enough for particular methods, even at the coarsest setting. That wont  be a problem depending on your tastes. And it's okay if you want a multi-purpose appliance. If you are specializing in the chilled steep method, you will find that the grind size is too fine.

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  1. Slow grind

  2. Large capacity

  3. Affordable

  4. Portability

I think it's fun to use a manual grinder. The slower grind keeps that wonderful java aroma that we all love. Plus, the slower grind is great for the steeping in cool water. I appreciated the large holder. It helps me make larger batches at once.


It's hard to beat such a good price. If you are on a budget, this Hario will be your new best friend. It has a great balance of price and quality. Another great thing is its portability.

If you travel a lot, you can just detach the handle for easy packing. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't go anywhere without a device to process my coffee beans.


  1. Longer preparation time

  2. Consistency

  3. Upgrade kit for coarse grind

Because it is a manual grinder, it can take a little longer to prepare your morning caffeine. Your arms could even get tired (but at least you will get stronger!). I don't mind taking a little longer if it helps with the quality of my cup of joe, but it's not for everyone. 

I noticed that the coarser the grind, the more inconsistent it gets. This isn't ideal for preparing cold brew specifically. It makes a good multi-purpose appliance, though.

There IS a fix for that, though. You can get an upgrade kit that helps give the “Skerton” a much better coarse grind. It takes a little extra work, but the results are totally worth it! 

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  1. Attractive

  2. Good capacity

  3. Easy to clean

  4. Consistent

Like I said earlier, I can appreciate an attractive kitchen appliance. It's just nice to be able to leave something out on the kitchen counter. I don't feel that I have to put it away when we have guests over.

This one has a good capacity. It can hold up to 100 grams of beans. This is helpful especially for making immersive methods that don’t use heat, because you need much more coffee for that.

I love how easy it is to clean. It comes out apart easily and isn't too messy to begin with.

Finally, it is very consistent, which is one of the best parts about it. From fine to coarse, you can trust this grinder. 


  1. Not dishwasher safe

  2. Bulky

  3. Clogs with oily beans

It's easy to clean. But be sure NOT to put in the dishwasher. I almost made that mistake until I read that it was not dishwasher safe! You will have to hand clean this one. That will be annoying for some people, which is why I think it’s important to mention.

This machine is large. Don’t choose it if you travel a lot. If you need a compact, portable processor, this one is not be for you.

I also made the mistake of storing oily beans in the hopper. Don't do that! You will need to use high-quality java beans if you choose to use this one.

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  1. Quantity selector

  2. Removable burr

  3. Multi-purpose

  4. Extra coarse

I think it’s good that you can select just how much coffee you plan on making when you use this grinder. You can select the exact amount you need. This way, you don't have waste or build-up of grounds. This keeps my favorite drink tasting fresh, and I don't have to throw anything away.

You can actually remove the burrs from the grinder for easy cleaning. You know me: I love it when the cleaning is nice and smooth! 

You can use this KRUPS for other things, too. If you enjoy a multi-use device that is also awesome for making a low-temp brew, this will be it. You can process other things such as spices, herbs or seeds in there.

And lastly, this KRUPS can give you a nice, coarse grind! As you know by now, this is necessary for making a killer caffeinated infusion.


  1. Small

  2. Sometimes TOO coarse

  3. Finicky settings

I sort of wish the KRUPS could have a larger pot. But I really only notice them when I am making large batches and am wishing I could grind more coffee at once.

It's great that it can do a really large, coarse grind. Sometimes, though, it's almost too coarse. If your grounds are too big, your drink ends up tasting a little watery.

That's not ideal! (Unless, of course, that's how you like it.) Personally, I love a bold, smooth glass that's not too acidic. This requires a coarse grind, but not TOO coarse.

And finally, the settings can be a little finicky. By that, I mean that you have to play with the settings a lot to get it just right.

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  1. 17 grind options

  2. Good capacity selector

  3. Dishwasher safe

  4. Ceramic detachable burrs

This  one has enough grind options that you can be flexible with your preparation methods. This is great if you are looking for a versatile, do-it-all grinder. I also think the capacity selector is useful.

As I have mentioned before, this allows me to prevent waste. It also helps keep the appliance clean because there isn't as much build-up to worry about.

Speaking of cleaning, I love the detachable, dishwasher-safe parts. I can just take it apart, put it in the dishwasher, and not worry about a thing. 

Same with the burrs: they pop out and are easily clean. They're also ceramic, so they aren't as likely to overheat. When the burrs overheat, it can affect the taste of your coffee in the end.


  1. A bit noisy

  2. Hopper is a little small

  3. Not coarse enough

Of course, coffee grinders are always going to be a little noisy. They are grinding beans, after all. Some people don't care about this, but it's something to take into consideration.

Especially if you don't want to disrupt your little one's nap time!The hopper could be a little bigger for my taste, but it still does the job.

My main concern is that even at the coarsest setting, the grounds aren't always coarse enough for making a solid cold brew. It's great for preparation methods that require a smaller, finer grind, though!

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  1. Removable parts

  2. 15 grind settings

  3. Super quiet

  4. Very fine grind

I have to say, I am a fan of the Ariete-Delonghi. With 15 grind settings, it has plenty of options without being overwhelming (sometimes other once have 40 different settings!) 

You will love how quiet this one is. If you are a parent, you know how precious your quiet time can be. I need  a quiet machine that won’t wake my daughter. I love to savor my cup of joe in peace!

If you are an espresso or Turkish coffee fan, you will appreciate the VERY fine grind that this one can provide.

On another note, it's nice that you can remove the hopper even when there are beans in it. That may seem to be a small factor, but it is very convenient!


  1. Inconsistent coarse grind

The biggest issue I had with this Ariete-Delonghi is the inconsistent coarse grind. While it has an amazing smaller grind, it doesn't do as well on the larger side of things. 

The thing is, sometimes it's just right. Other times, it's really a little too fine to make chilled steep. Again, then that watery taste becomes a problem.

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  1. Price

  2. 17 grind levels

  3. Compact

  4. Flexibility

This is a good, budget-friendly grinder if you're looking for the right amount of bang for your buck. I like the good number of grind settings which allows me to be flexible with my preparation methods. If you're in a hurry, it’s great that you can just pick a pre-set setting and keep it at that. 

If you're looking for more flexibility, you have the option of adjusting the dial to your own customization.


That's especially helpful if I am having guests over who have unique preferences (and believe me, a lot of my friends are fellow caffeine geeks!) 

The Secura is compact and only takes up a little space, which is another bonus.


  1. Finicky

  2. Too fine

The settings can be finicky. It can take a lot of fiddling around to get it just right, and it's not always perfectly consistent. I suppose nothing is ever perfect, though, and coffee grinders are no exception.

And, that familiar problem that we keep running into: sometimes, the grind is just not quite coarse enough for that fantastic, fully-bodied cold brew that you're looking for. 

It always depends on personal taste. Generally, ice coffee lovers aren't looking for that acidic, bitter taste of hot joe. Unfortunately, if the grind is too small and fine, that's what you're going to get.

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  1. Large capacity

  2. Price

Good ol' Mr. Coffee. Many caffeine lovers have chosen to depend on Mr. Coffee for all their java needs. For one, the price is almost unbeatable. It is significantly cheaper than many other electric burr grinders but still does exactly what you need it to, in my opinion.


It can hold up to a half-pound of grounds. This fits with my personal needs when I need to brew large amounts of java at once.


  1. Needs frequent cleaning

  2. Must grind in three installments

  3. Not coarse enough

Luckily, it comes with a cleaning brush. You need to make sure you clean the the parts on regular basis. This can be a nuisance, especially on those busier mornings. I found that you really need to clean it almost every time you use it. If you don't, grounds will built up and it will clog.


I found that sometimes it was a little to fine for immersive methods, even at the coarsest level. Also, because of the cool-down period, I have to process in three different installments. That means I have to wait in between each on.

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I would recommend any of the coffee grinders listed here. But if we are looking for the best cold brew grinder, I think the obvious winner is the Caspresso 560 Infinity Burr Grinder. 

When you factor in price, performance, and cool-immersion potential, I'm a fan.

The Capresso is more middle-range in terms of price, so it won’t break the bank but its performance is still high quality. 

Some of the other grinders are awesome, but aren't quite coarse enough for a stellar cold brew. Generally, this grinder has a great coarse setting. Even though it can be inconsistent on occasion, it still makes the cut in my book! Especially for the price.

Some of the other super high quality processors (like the Baratzas) are great, but more pricey than some people are looking for.

The fact that this uses conical burrs makes it great for this preparation method. Remember, burr styles are the best choice for this because they have slower speeds. You still have the benefit of having an electric-powered machine, which means you don't have to hand-crank anything. 

As long as you prevent build-up, you don't have to worry about some of those issues about clogging. Besides that, the Capresso is relatively easy to clean, which is another important factor.

I hope you found this information helpful! Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the ones on this list. Good luck picking out your new grinder!

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