9 Innovative Ways To Keep Coffee Hot Till Last Minute

Are you tired of having your coffee get cold too fast?

I know I am.

My husband, Jack, and I decided to look for new tricks on how to keep our coffee hot until the last minute. 

Although we are both coffee lovers, sometimes we get distracted by our daughter and take a while to finish our coffee.

We sometimes let our cup sit for 5 minutes and end up taking a nice sip of cold coffee.


And let’s all agree that heating it up in the microwave over and over does not hold the flavor.

So now let’s get down to business.

Common Myths To Avoid While Keeping Your Coffee Hot

We’ve all heard of ways to use of coffee ground and also heard to keep our coffee hot, but do they actually work?

Do they hold the flavor?

Myth #1: Use A Hot Plate

A hot plate is pretty much a portable stove. It may have either electric or gas powered heating elements.


Hot plates are good for reheating food, but not so much coffee.

It uses direct heat, so it can take your coffee from cold to extremely hot.

And by extremely, I mean way to hot to drink without scalding your tongue, cheeks, and burning a few taste buds.

While you may be thinking “My coffee is supposed to be hot, what is she talking about?”, this brings me to another reason not to do it.


The problem is, it over-extracts your coffee and makes it taste bitter.

Myth #2: A Candle Warmer Will Do The Trick

9 Innovative Ways To Keep Coffee Hot

If you have a Scentsy or any other kind of candle warmer, the thought may cross your mind to use it.

You may think that because it can heat up candles, it might as well heat up beverages, right?

Well, it definitely heats it up, but in the same ways as a hot plate.

It can make your coffee hotter than you anticipated, while also burning out some of the flavor.

Myth #3: The Microwave, Just Reheat Your Coffee In The Microwave! 

As I previously mentioned, microwaves are not the best way to reheat your coffee. It is the most simple way, but its not recommended.

Of course, when we’re in a hurry, the first thing we think to do is put the cup in the microwave and just press a button.

But the issue I have with this method is microwaves use radiation.

That being said, your coffee’s temperature can be uneven.


Think of when you cook a Hot Pocket in the microwave, the crust is hot, but the filling is cold.

The same goes for coffee. 

You may get a heated-up brew on top, but it’s just as cold everywhere else.

In addition to that, microwaved coffee also leaves a burnt aftertaste.

Myth #4: Keeping It In The Carafe Will Keep It Hot 

If you don’t know what a carafe is, it is the pot that sits in your coffeemaker that the coffee drips into while it’s being brewed.

Brewing is what coffee makers are for, right?

While this is true, its not exactly the greatest way to rebrew for a number of reasons.

We’ll start with the coffee grounds. Re-brewing your coffee circulates the old grounds and they end up in your cup. 

Next, you get less flavor.

The water takes some of the flavor out in the first place.

But when you brew a second time, the already extracted grounds get extracted again and you’ll have watered down coffee.

And lastly, once you have brewed the coffee the first time, pouring it back into the coffeemaker causes it to clog.

Cold coffee is a lot thicker than water. It does not move easily through the system so when it gets to the filter, it sits longer and causes it to overflow.

How To Keep Coffee Hot

How To Keep Coffee Hot For Hours? (The Right Way)

Now that we have discussed how not to heat your coffee, now we can talk about the methods that you should try.

Wrap It Up With A Scarf (Or Any Thick Piece Of Fabric)

Because you don’t usually drive to work with a heating source, keeping your coffee hot when you’re on the move is a big challenge.

If you have a scarf, jacket, or maybe a clean sock, you can wrap it around your cup and it acts as a type of insulation, keeping the heat where it should be.

This also works for when you are outdoors, possibly camping. Most people always carry some kind of thick fabric while camping.

However, it doesn’t offer long-lasting heat, but it should at least give your cup of coffee a way to keep warm enough to be a pleasant drink for at least an hour longer.

If you are trying to cherish your coffee for hours on end, this might not be the best method for you.


But if you just want to keep it hot long enough to finish it without having to turn it into iced coffee, this should definitely work for you.

Use A Cup Sleeve

Cup sleeves are a cheap and nifty way to keep your coffee warmer for a longer period of time.

It acts as an insulator, keeping the heat in your cup, and away from your skin.

Cup sleeves can be made of paper or cloth.

Most coffee shops, such as Starbucks, use cup sleeves to protect your hands from getting burned, while maintaining the temperature of your coffee.

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One problem is that cup sleeves made from paper are just as bad for the environment as Styrofoam cups.

Although they seem recyclable, they are not.

Also, cup sleeves made from cloth may let off a few pieces of string that can stick to your clothing or hands.

If you would rather have an eco-friendly way to keep your coffee warm, I suggest using a different method.

Use A Super Heavy Duty, Insulated, (Probably Expensive) Travel Mug

Another way to keep your coffee hot is to put it in a thermal mug immediately after brewing.

You can purchase these cups at almost any store.

Some are pretty expensive, such as Yeti brand, but they work really well. 

The cheaper mugs don’t usually keep your coffee warm as long as the expensive, more insulated cups but they still come in handy.

They work best for travel since they’re almost unbreakable and light enough to carry around anywhere.

However, some are made from hard metals and while they keep your coffee warm on the inside, the outside of the mug may also get pretty hot and can be uncomfortable to hold.

If you don’t mind spending more than $20 on a good mug, then these can definitely work for you.

Choose A Cup Or Mug With A Lid

Usually, cups meant for travel come with lids.

Most home mugs do not have included lids, but a lid meant for a travel cup may also fit onto your favorite mug.


The lid keeps the heat from escaping the cup from the top.

Make sure the lid fits tightly around the mug to avoid spills.

If the lid does not stay in place, chances are the lid falls off when you go to take drink and you end up burning yourself with coffee.

Not to mention, your boss may not appreciate you walking into work with a large coffee stain down your shirt.

If you have a lid that fits your favorite mug, definitely try this.

Preheat Your Coffee Cup or Mug

To keep your coffee warm without the risk of affecting the flavor, try preheating your cup.

Simply fill your mug with boiling water and let it sit for about a minute to get the temperature to spread throughout the cup.


When the water cools down, you can throw it away.

If you don’t want to waste it, put it back in the kettle for next time.

Although it keeps your coffee warm, the heat flowing throughout the cup also makes the exterior hot to the touch.

Invest In A Thermal Mug (One That Actually Works)

A perfect thermal mug is very hard to find.

It needs to be easy for me to hold and drink from while on the go.

There is many thermal mugs that claim to be heavy duty and sturdy, however most of them leak.

Good thermos mugs can be quite pricey, but work the best at preventing leaks and spills.

If you’re not looking to spend quite a few bucks, a thermal mug may not be your best option.

Get A Cup Warmer For Your Car

car coffee warmer to keep coffee hot

If you have an outlet in your car, you can get an electric cup warmer that you can plug in.

Most warmers fit the size of your thermal mug or a standard takeout cup.

Cup warmers use heating coils in the same way electric kettles do.


The main problem is that most outlets require your vehicle to be turned on.

So if you stop at a gas station and turn the car off, your warmer shuts off too and the coffee starts to cool down until it is turned back on.

Use Metal Coffee Beans

I know what you’re thinking, “If I use metal coffee beans, won’t my coffee taste metallic?”.

Actually, metal coffee beans are stainless steel shells that absorb heat and keeps your coffee at perfect drinking temperature.

Once they have absorbed all the heat they can, they start to release it to keep your coffee in the perfect range for as long as possible.

However, the length of time that your coffee stays warm depends on how big, and how insulated your cup is.

Use A Vessel That Is Size Appropriate

If you brew small pots of coffee, even if it is insulated, it cools down much faster because of the excess air in the pot.


The size of the vessel may not seem too important, but it really is.

Using too small of a vessel requires you to brew multiple times because you can only brew a few cups at a time.

If you are the type of person like myself and want to drink coffee all day, a bigger vessel is needed.

However, using a vessel too big holds more air than liquid and the coffee does not stay hot as long.


I hope you enjoyed these tips.  If you decide to try them, be sure to leave a comment about your experience to encourage others to try them.


If you have any questions, concerns, or maybe some tips of your own, feel free to contact me. I would love to hear your opinions!

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