13 Guaranteed Benefits Of Drinking Sugar-Free Coffee!

I'll admit it!

I love sweets! 

And I definitely know how easy it can be to overload your morning coffee with sugar.

But how much is too much? What if I told you that your cup of joe could prolong your life, help fight disease, or make your smarter?

Research shows that drinking sugar-free coffee twice daily can have excellent health benefits.

Continue reading if you're wondering how coffee without sugar might just save your life.

Benefits of Sugar Free Coffee

1. It Boosts Memory

Many students drink coffee without sugar when they're studying. But have you ever wondered why? It turns out that it can help boost your memory.

My husband Jack is always telling me I have such a good memory. Maybe it's because I drink coffee everyday? 

Researchers say that daily sugar-free coffee drinkers have better memory.  

One study had people play memory games to test this theory. Surprise! The people who consumed more caffeine had the best results!

2. Makes You Smarter

So, sugar-free coffee can help your memory. But did you know that it could make you smarter, too? I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty cool!

Sugar free java can block a neurotransmitter called “adenosine.” When caffeine blocks this, it improves the brain's neuronal firing. This helps release beneficial neurotransmitters.

I know, I'm not a scientist either. So in simple terms, the caffeine helps improve your brain functioning.

Sounds good to me!

3. Has Helpful Antioxidants

Most of us have heard of antioxidants. We mostly just know that they're good for us, right? It turns out that coffee is the biggest source of antioxidants, at least in America. 

The antioxidants in your java are called quinines. These can help with many health issues. We'll talk more about about how it can help prevent certain diseases later.

Other common antioxidants are “hydrocinnamic acid” and “polyphenols.” These help fight against free-radicals in the body. 

I know, I'm throwing a lot of big words at you! All you really need to know is that antioxidants are good, and free radicals are bad!

4. Increases your focus and alertness

I am sure you turn to a nice cup of coffee when you need to focus on a project. I know I do. In fact, I almost always have a cup of coffee with me when I need to focus on writing.


It also helps me stay alert when I'm tired and looking after my daughter. If you have a little one at home, you know how vigilant you have to be! They're always trying to get into trouble, aren't they?

Anyways, when you drink sugar-free coffee, you activate the neurotransmitters in your brain (there's that word again!)  This is because the caffeine stimulates your heart and your metabolism.

This helps your brain focus better. And since your brain is so active, you are just generally more alert.

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5. Provides vitamins and minerals​​​​​​

We already talked about antioxidants. But sugar-free coffee provides other essential nutrients, too.


Your favorite drink has plenty of vitamins,  such as Vitamin B2,  Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B5.

But that's not at all. You also get manganese, potassium, and magnesium.  

These are all important for your body to function at its highest potential. For example, Vitamin B2 plays a crucial role in energy production. Nutrients such as potassium and magnesium are important for controlling blood pressure.

These are just a few examples. A quick search online can show you the many benefits of all of these essential nutrients.

6. Cleans out your stomach

Research shows that drinking sugar-free coffee can be a good stomach cleanser. Do you have a “dirty” stomach?

You can't know that for sure, of course, unless you go to your doctor. But even if you think your stomach is “clean,” it's still important to maintain your stomach health.

Luckily, drinking coffee without sugar can help remove bacteria and toxins from your belly.

They come out through the urine when you use the restroom. We all know that coffee makes you pee!

This also helps stop the growth of harmful parasites that might give you stomach problems.

7. Aids in Weight Loss

Many people struggle to lose weight. Most of us want to be healthy and active. But that can be challenging. Especially when we are busy with jobs, family, and friends.

So I'm happy to report that drinking coffee with no sugar might help you lose weight. It's not a substitute for living a healthy lifestyle, but it's still helpful!

Your favorite drink can help boost your metabolism. So it might be helpful to drink before or after a workout! It also helps burn fat, which can help you with your weight loss.

8. Protects our liver

Another great sugar free coffee benefit is that it can help protect the liver. In fact, it can help lower the risk of cirrhosis by almost 80%. That's quite a lot if you ask me!

By the way, cirrhosis is a term used for chronic liver damage. It's very important for you to protect your liver.


Our livers have up to 500 important functions! And one of the biggest is detoxifying your body. 

In other words, it is best to keep your liver happy and healthy. Drinking sugar free java can help with that.

9. Heart Disease

Remember how I told you that drinking sugar-free coffee can boost your metabolism? Well, that's not only good for weight loss. It's also good for your heart.

Many heart problems are because of clogged arteries. Boosting your metabolism can help prevent things like fat and cholesterol from building up.


This prevents your arteries from getting blocked. Issues with clogged arteries can lead to life-threatening problems, including heart attacks.


It also decreases the inflammation in your body, which is another cause of cardiovascular issues.  

10. Reduce risk for diabetes​​​​​​

Diabetes is one of those problems that arises from cardiovascular issues. Type 1 diabetes is when your pancreas cannot produce the insulin that your body needs.

Type 2 diabetes has to do with your body's inability to control your blood sugar and insulin levels. The second type is the more common one.

Good news, though! Drinking sugarless coffee might reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes! 

A Harvard study showed that coffee drinkers have an 11% less chance of developing type 2 diabetes. That was true for the people who had more than one cup per day. 

Meanwhile, the people who didn't drink as much had a higher risk of developing the disease

11. Help prevent cancer

Cancer: it's everyone's biggest fear. Sadly, this disease is quite common in these modern times.

But I can happily report that drinking sugar-free coffee may help your body prevent cancer. Research shows that you may help prevent cancer simply by drinking two cups of coffee every day (without sugar).

This is because it has anti-cancer properties which will reduce your risk of developing this deadly disease. 

How, though? The compounds in your java can help stop the growth of cancer cells. And of course, if the cancerous cells can't grow, you might be in the clear. 

That's good enough reason for me to leave out the sugar!

12. Makes aging more manageable

We all get older. It's a fact of life. But what if I told you that coffee could help you age with grace? Stay young at heart, even as you grow old!

It's no “fountain of youth,” but sugar-free coffee might still be able to help. It  can help fight diseases that go with old age.

For example, it may help fight the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Research also shows that it can reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease by 25%!

As our loved ones grow old, we notice that they can become confused. Sometimes they become less focused. Or they have trouble remembering things. 

But if coffee helps with focus and memory, than it makes sense that it can help with aging!

13. Might extend your life!

Speaking of getting older, sugar-free coffee could help prevent untimely deaths! Actually, we already talked about some of the reasons why: it can help prevent heart disease, liver problems diabetes, and cancer.

These are all things that might shorten a person's lifespan. 

So if your sugar free cup of joe helps with all these problems, you might live longer! 

There is also the matter of mental health. Depression has negative impacts on the immune system. Without a strong immune system, we are more susceptible to harmful illnesses. 

Thankfully, drinking your favorite drink can enhance your mood and boost your happiness. Happiness can help keep your immune system, and your health, strong.

Drink to your health: Which is your favorite?

Which one of these do you think you can benefit from the most? Were there any surprises? It's so important to me to share my love of coffee with you.


But it's also important to be healthy. So I hope you learned something new that might help you in the future.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts or recommendations to add to the list. And feel free to share the article if you enjoyed it! 

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