47 Unexpected Uses of Coffee Filters

Hi there!

Brewing your coffee with these thin papers is pretty routine.

Do you ever think about what you could do with them other than brewing your cup of joe?

Today I cover 47 ways to utilize coffee filters to get the most bang for your buck!

Prices on many household items are going up nowadays. Using coffee filters can save you a lot of money on buying those items!

Jack and I love to be able to get the most out of them and use them for an array of different purposes! I want to share this knowledge with you so that you can save loads of money!

Let's go ahead and get started!

Ways to Use Coffee Filters

I am ready to help you get the most out of your coffee filters! Below I list the ways that you can:

1. Place Between Stacked Plates

You also keep dust and scratches off your special china using this technique.

Just place your filters in between each plate to keep them safe!

You can stack multiple at once to give more heavy duty protection


2. Use One As A Snack Bowl

This saves you on dish soap and time washing in the kitchen!

These papers are great for all kinds of snacks. They suck up any grease and make clean up very simple.

Just place whatever snack you want in them and you're ready to go!


3. Clean Windows And Mirrors

Coffee filters are lint-free, which makes them ideal for cleaning your windows and mirrors.

It will save you time, money, and give you a good clean!

Just spray with you go-to cleaner and use a filter in place of a towel!

Keep in mind that the larger the paper filter, the better and faster the job will be!


4. Place In The Bottom of
A Flower Pot

It’s annoying when you water your plants and dirt comes out along with the water.

To keep this from happening, just line the bottom with a coffee filter!

It keeps the dirt in your pot and lets the water flow out!

5. Corral Small Pieces
in One Place

Trying to build something only to find that you've lost on of the pieces can be frustrating.

Use filters to keep small bits like screws or nails in one place!

It keeps them from rolling away so you don't lose any of them.

6. Dust Your TV

The last thing you need are streaks on your screen!

Grab a coffee filter to keep streaks away and get the dust off your TV.

You don't have to limit them to just your TV, though. You can clean your computers and phones as well!

7. Line A Colander or Sieve

Loosing smaller bits of food is truly a waste.

To keep that from happening, line your colander or sieve with a coffee filter.

You save all the food from going in the trash! It also helps to get more grease and water out of your food.


8. Catch Popsicle Drips

It’s hard not to make a mess with ice cream (especially if you have kids!).

To avoid extra cleaning, cut a hole in the filter and stick your popsicle in.

This keeps sticky fingers and dirty laundry at bay!

9. Grease Your Baking Dish

Using paper towels can leave lint behind when you grease your pans.

To avoid this, use a coffee filter to complete this step!

Just dip it lightly in shortening and rub it across your pan!


10. Dry Your Glassware

You find your glasses still damp from leaving them to dry, but you need them now!

A filter dries them and leaves them with no streaks!

You won't have any problems seeing through them once you put them on!

11. Prevents Splatters
in Your Microwave

Microwaving is a struggle when food threatens to cover the inside of it.

To help keep messes at bay, dampen a coffee filter and put it on top of your bowl!

Sometimes food gets through, but that's okay!

Just use the filter (once its cooled) to wipe the spots away

12. Absorb Oils

Filters come in handy when you're in a pinch!

Use them to blot away excess oils on your face.

This tip also works for dabbing away oils on greasy foods like French fries!

13. Polish or Clean
Stainless Steel

Using a sponge or rag to clean your stainless steel makes scratches!

To help eliminate that chance, replace with a filter and your favorite stainless steel cleaner.

They clean your precious steel better than a sponge will.

You also avoid extra damage in the process!

14. Keep Delicate
Objects Safe

Packing up your fragile items can be nerve wracking!

But luckily, coffee filters are a good alternative to bubble wrap.

Just wrap 2-3 on the bottom and tape on flat on top!

Wrap newspaper around for an extra layer of protection.

You won't have to worry about arriving to your destination with broken dishes!


15. Store Holiday Ornaments

Being able to reuse your ornaments can be quite the perk on a budget!

Filters adapt to the shape of them and keep them safe!

Never again worry about your decorations breaking and scratching in storage!

You might even make your own ornaments out of them!


16. Polish Your Shoes

If you can't find the applicator your polish came with, use a filter!

Dab some of the correct polish on the filter and wipe in circular motions.

Its the perfect way to give your leather shoes that perfect shine!


17. Make An Air Freshener

Air fresheners can be expensive!

Luckily, there's an easy way to make your own.

Just add baking soda and whatever spices and herbs you want to the filter.

Then pull up the edges and tie them up!

The baking soda soaks up the scents of the ingredients and makes your house smell amazing!

18. Make Your Own Dryer Sheets

You don't have to spend your hard-earned cash on dryer sheets!

It’s easy to make your own!

Just place filters in a mason jar and fill with a cup of vinegar and 10 drops of essential oils.

Wring them out when you're ready to use them and have soft, good-smelling clothes!

19. Clean The Inside
of Your Car

Cloths can leave your interior with lint!

Use filters instead to eliminate that threat.

You just use the coffee filter when dusting.

But add a few drops of vegetable oil to make your console shine!

20. Remove Your Nail Polish

Cotton pads add up in price!

Use these papers to remove that color until you can grab some more!

Just use them how you would a regular cotton pad.

They soak up the varnish, making clean up super simple!

21. Remove Makeup

It’s surprising how expensive makeup wipes can be!

Use a filter to remove that makeup instead!

Just add your favorite makeup remover and gently wipe.

22. Use As Waxing Strips

You don't have to spend more money at the waxing salon!

Just cut coffee filters into strips and put your preferred wax on.

A great way to keep your body feeling smooth!

23. Keep Flies Away

Fruit flies giving you a problem?

Just put some ripe fruit, liquor, or beer in a jar.

Then fold a filter and cut off the very tip of it and place it on top.

The flies will fly in and become trapped.

You can then get rid of them with boiling water!

24. Dry Carpets

Have a spill and no clean towels?

Grab a coffee filter and place them over the soaked area.

It will soak up the mess and dry your carpet!

25. Use As A Kitchen Rag

You can use a coffee filter in place of a kitchen rag!

Mop up spills and dry your hands and dishes!

You won't have to worry about messes being stuck until you get your next clean rag!

26. Use As A Pooper-scooper

Potty-training and walking your dog can get messy!

Line the inside of your child's potty and lift it out once they're done!

When walking your dog, pull out a few and use them to pick up their mess!


27. Filter Your Tea

Want loose-leaf tea but don't have a tea trainer?

Put your tea in the center of your filter.

Then tie it up with a string and place it in hot water!

This is useful if you're making a large batch of tea.

28. Line A Cookie Sheet

Baking a cake or cookies can be annoying when they end up stuck to your pan!

Just oil your pan as usual, then line with coffee filters.

They will absorb the oil and peel right off your cake after you take it out of the pan!


29. Use As A Juice Filter

Some people don't have a juicer!

You are tired of catching seeds with your hands!

Use these papers to juice your fruits.

It catches the seeds and leaves just the juice behind!

30. Line Your Kitchen Scale

Putting something messy in your kitchen scale results in more clean up.

Put a coffee filter inside and then put your food in!

It will keep your scale clean and still measure like normal.

31. Use As A Compress

Not having a gauze or bandage in an emergency can be agonizing!

You can use filters as a replacement.

Just cut them to size and tape them to the area.

32. Clean Up Shaving Nicks

Accidentally nicking yourself while shaving happens!

Toilet paper will only fall apart.

Grab a paper coffee filter and dab away the blood!

It won't leave any residue behind and will soak up the blood.

33. Prevents Soggy Sandwiches

Packing lunches can be hard if you don't have anything to keep the sandwiches edible!

Wrap them in coffee filters!

It keeps the bread from getting soggy.

Your kids will thank you for it!

34. Steaming Food

This tip will keep your food from sticking to your steamer!

Just line the inside with filters and steam as normal.

Your veggies will be soft and your steamer will be easy to clean!

35. Dampen Your Ashes

Ashes from the fireplace are dangerous when you don’t put them out properly.

Grab a paper filter and dampen it.

Then put them on the ashes.

It will put out the fire and get rid of the smoke smell!

36. Make Crafts

Kids are hard to keep occupied!

Use extra coffee filters and make cute crafts with them.

My little girl loves making flowers and ornaments for the holidays!

37. Keep You Greens Fresh

Saving your greens only to find them wilted and no good can be upsetting!

To avoid this, grab some filters and wrap them around your greens after washing.

This will keep the fresh and crisp for longer.


38. Pressing Flowers

Pressing plants takes a long time with papers!

Replace that more expensive paper with coffee filters!

They will absorb the moisture from your flowers or leaves faster.

You’ll have your specimens for a fraction of the time!

39. Soothe Your Eyes

Skincare is so overpriced nowadays!

Look to save money buy soaking a filter in water.

Pop it in the freezer for a few minutes!

Then use it to help soothe and depuff your eyes!


40. Straining Wine

Broken corks quickly ruins the mood of a party.

To help, spare a few coffee filters to put through the opening.

This will make straining wine a lot easier!

41. Diffuse Camera Flash

Make photoshop a thing of the past with this trick!

Grab a paper filter and place it over your cameras flash.

It will give you a soft light effect.

No more red-eyes and overexposed close-ups.

42. Pull Silks Off Corn

Those pesky strings can take ages to fully remove!

A filter will help you grip them better.

It takes you have to time to do and the silks come off like a dream!

43. Heat Your Tortillas

Avoid having to turn on the stove to heat your flour-y snack.

Place two of them between two damp coffee filters.

Then, heat them in the microwave for a few seconds.

Perfectly warm tortillas ready for whatever use you need!

44. Sprout Seeds

Help your seeds get a head start!

Dampen a paper filter and put the seed inside.

Fold it up and place it in a plastic bag.

Once it’s sprouted you can plant it properly!

45. Use As Backing
For Embroidery

Use a filter to start your next project!

Just use it in place of a stabilizer when stitching.

You’ll be left with a beautiful motif that’s strong and durable!

46. Padding For Hamsters

Provide comfort for your guinea pigs or hamsters with this hack!

Shred up unbleached coffee filters and cover the bottom of their cage.

It will keep their waste from staining the floor for the cage.

And they’ll have a little padding for their feet!

47. Filter Rainwater

Enjoy clean water fresh from nature!

Secure filters to a bucket or bowl and place outside.

You’ll be left with clean water with no debris.

All you have to do is boil it!

What Tips Did You Like?

I really enjoy being able to use coffee filters for so many different things! Jack and I save quite a bit of money on certain products because we don't have to buy them anymore!

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What tips do you think you will use? Which ones haven't you heard of before?

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