Is Cold Brew Coffee Better? 11 Unique Benefits You Never Know

You're standing in line at the coffee shop.

You hear someone order a “cold brew”

Maybe you wonder, “what is a cold brew coffee?" 

or, "why would I want to drink it?”

I can most certainly tell you why. This drink is trendy for a reason, after all.

There are actually some great cold brew coffee benefits.

But what IS this mysterious drink?

It's not just iced coffee, if that's what you're thinking.

It is made by steeping coffee beans in cold water for 24 hours.

You don't use hot water. That makes a big difference. That makes a big difference.

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Top Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

1. Less Acidic

Many people actually love the acidic aftertaste of a strong, regular coffee.

In fact, I have a friend who swears by only drinking black drip coffee.

The thing is, not everyone loves that taste as much as my friend does.

So how to drink your daily coffee without that acidic taste on your tongue?

Look no further, because I have good news: coffee made using the cold brew method has a lower acidic content than regular coffee.

Some researchers claim that it has 67% less acidity

I don't know about you, but I think that sounds great!

2. Improved Control Of
Gastric Acid Secretion

Above, I was telling you about how cold brew coffee has less acidity than regular coffee.

If you're like many of the people who suffer from gastric acid reflux, you'll be excited about this.

Why? Because for most people with this problem, eating acidic food gives them heartburn.

I've never experienced this, but I know it's not fun. It can ruin a perfectly good coffee experience.

Some people have to quit drinking coffee altogether.

But I'm here to let you know that you might not have to skip your morning java.

More and more coffee drinkers are opting for cold brews because it can help control these issues with gastric acid secretion.

You might just be able to enjoy your coffee after all.

3. Antioxidant Rich

“Antioxidant” is one of those buzzwords you've probably heard of. But what are antioxidants? 

Well, coffee has antioxidants known as “chlorogenic acid.”

Before, we were talking about acid being harmful.

But this type of acid is actually good for you.

When you brew coffee using heat, it loses some of this good chlorogenic acid.

But if you make coffee using the cold brew method, it keeps more chlorogenic acid.

So when you drink cold brew, you are drinking more healthy antioxidants that are good for the body.

Antioxidants in general help the body with many health issues.

That leads us to our fourth benefit of drinking cold brew coffee.

4. Disease Prevention

Yup, those same antioxidants that I was just talking about play a role in helping the body fight disease.

Research shows that it may have an impact on decreasing blood pressure and sugar levels. It may even improve your mood!

Because it helps with blood sugar levels, these antioxidants can help control diabetes.

Issues with blood high blood pressure can lead to many health problems.

This means that drinking a cup of cold brew, which is rich in antioxidants, might help prevent diseases related to high blood pressure.

Remember, I'm not a doctor, I'm just a coffee lover!

You should always contact a medically trained professional if you have serious concerns about your health.

5. No Need For Cream, Sugar, 
or Other Extras

Most people like to add things like cream and sugar to their coffee.

I know that I love to get creative with new and interesting ingredients to add to my cup of joe.

But that's only if I'm drinking regular coffee made with heat.

One of the wonderful things about cold brew coffee is that you don't need to add anything! 

Because it is brewed differently, it has a sweeter taste than regular coffee.

This means it is absolutely delicious without any extras.

For those who don't like plain coffee, this might be difficult to believe.

But it's true! It is naturally sweeter than regular coffee because it is less acidic.

6. Improve Cholesterol

You may have heard rumors about coffee increasing your cholesterol levels.

But those rumors have to do with hot coffee, not cold brew!

Luckily, this is not true when you make your java using cold water.

When you make it the regular way, the heat extracts compounds called Cafestol and kahweol from the coffee beans.

These compounds could raise your cholesterol levels, especially in unfiltered coffee. 

Cold brew coffee is made with (you guessed it!) cold or room temperature water.


There is not enough heat to allow these compounds to seep in your coffee.

So if you're worried about your cholesterol levels, you might benefit from trading in your hot java for this new different method.

7. Less Caffeine

Of course, you're a coffee lover. That's why you here, reading this!

Sometimes, you just want a silver bullet pick-me-up in the morning. 

But I'm sure you probably love to savor your coffee in the morning when you have time.

Maybe you even like to have a couple cups. Or more.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Unless, of course, you're sensitive to high amounts of caffeine and you get the jitters.

So I'm happy to report that cold brew has less caffeine in it than drip coffee.

I am sure this is excellent if you like to be able to drink more than one cup of coffee!

It  has 20 milligrams less caffeine per 100 grams of coffee than with drip coffee.

8. Less Time-Consuming

You might be wondering:

why would you waste 24 hours to make cold brew when you could make drip coffee in just a few minutes?

Overall, cold brew coffee is less time consuming than brewing drip coffee.


Because you make large batches at once. Sure, it takes 24 hours to steep.

But when it's done, you have way more coffee than you have when you just make a pot of drip coffee.

Plus, you can store all the extra in the fridge for the week.  It will still taste great!

I recommend you brew a large batch of cold brew on the weekends.

And then you have your coffee ready for the rest of the week. 

What will you do with all your extra time?!

9. Lose Weight

There is a high of concentration of caffeine in cold brew coffee because it is such a strong drink.

Normally, cold brew is diluted with milk or water.

That's why it has less caffeine than regular coffee (Like we talked about above).

If you don't dilute it with water, it will be stronger. 

You can drink “shots” of cold brew to get higher doses of caffeine. 

Caffeine is known to help stimulate weight loss.

This is especially true if you drink it after a workout.

Caffeine contributes to the “afterburn” effect.

This is when your body continues to burn calories even after your workout is over.

10. Nitro Cold brew can help dieters

What the heck is nitro cold brew?

Nitro cold brew is cold brew infused with nitrogen gas!

It is pressurized, and gives the cold brew coffee a silky sweet  taste.

This is why nitro cold brew can be so good for you if you're on a diet.

You can still enjoy a creamy, sweet tasting drink without adding cream or sugar.

Regular cold brew has that natural sweetness to it, but nitro cold brew also has that lovely creamy texture to go with it.

11.Helps sensitive stomachs

Lastly, if you are someone with a sensitive stomach, you might want to think about trying cold brew coffee.

It always goes back to that acidity!

We already discussed how cold brew might be better for you if you suffer from acid reflux.

But even if you don't have acid reflux, you might have other small stomach issues.

You can also choose less acidic coffee beans for more pleasant digestion when making your cold brew!

Time To Cool Things Off
With A Cold Brew

What's your favorite method of brewing coffee?  

Are you a cold brew fan, or do you prefer a strong hot cup of java?

Personally, I love both.

I hope I erased any doubts you might have had about cold brew coffee.

If you haven't tried it, give it a go!

Tell me what you think in the comments.

As always, I love to hear from my readers!

Sarah Price

Creator & editor here at House Of Arabica. I'm a proud mother of one baby girl. Passionate about coffees and their variations. Love to review coffee accessories! Please feel free to put your comment below.

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