How To Make Cold Brew Coffee with French Press At Home?

The French Press has changed my life.

Yes, I said.

For a long time, whenever I saw a press pot, it always intimidated me.

It wasn’t until my husband, Jack, brought one home that I mustered up the courage to try it out.


Some people believe that the French Press makes the best coffee.

And, that is not only for hot or strong coffee, but also for cold brew coffee as well. 

Let me tell you my recent experiment of making French Press cold brew coffee.

After some trial with cold brew coffee, the coffee plunger remains one of my all-time favorite.

Many of you can easily discover new ways to make your coffee with a simple French Press.

If you are a morning coffee addict person then use some coffee hacks to improve your morning coffee.

What You Need For
French Press Cold Brew 

For cold brew, you need the following essential tools.

These tools are all very important in making the perfect cup of cold brew coffee.


So make sure to keep all of these tools on hand during the process.

They are items you should have in the kitchen already or ones that can easily be found online or at the store.

Your French Press

This is the most important tool. A French Press is fairly simple to use, but it may take some time to master.

Once you get the hang of it, it becomes your new best friend. 

Using the French Press will allow for rich and impurity-free coffee, thanks to the plunger used to put pressure on the coffee, allowing for it to come out smooth. 

Coffee Beans

This is the next most important ingredient you need to make coffee.

Source out good quality beans that are ideal for crafting cold brew coffee. 

May I recommend a light roasted bean, which makes a subtle but rich tasting cup of coffee. You should know why coffee sometimes tastes sour, bitter & bad.  

Remember, not all beans are created equal, and it may be a good idea to try a couple different roasts to decide which one is best. 

You can consider some Kenyan or Brazilian roasted beans as they offer a bold flavor. But firstly you have to know how to store coffee beans for keeping fresh.

Coffee Grinder

How well a cup of coffee turns out is dependent on the type of grinder used.

The type of grind options available are: extra coarse, coarse, medium-coarse, medium grind, medium-fine, fine, and super fine. 

It is best to use a coarse grind rather than a fine one when grinding coffee for a French Press.

This is because a fine grind can cause the coffee to come out overly bitter.

Choose a coarse grind to avoid making distasteful coffee, and leave super fine ground coffee for making espresso.

A Good Scale

Let me ask you a question!

How do you usually measure the amount of coffee grounds for one or two cups?

Now, what if you need to make three or more cups, how’ll you measure? 

Simply multiplying the volume of your one cup, right?


When I first started becoming a serious coffee drinker, I bought a scale and I have to say, it is so important in making good coffee! 

For every cup of coffee, you must weigh out beans by the gram, not by the volume.

A scale ensures you are getting same amount of coffee every single time – you can never go wrong!

Find a scale that is size-appropriate for your space.

For instance, if you have a small kitchen or travel, buying a smaller scale is probably the better choice.


However, if you are looking for a scale for your large kitchen counter or enjoy a larger looking one, try a fancier scale.

Other things to consider are accuracy, battery life, or extra features. 

Room Temperature  

When you have some extra coffee beans, finding the right storage temperature is really, really important!

Temperature affects the taste, aroma, and function of coffee beans. So it is necessary to store them properly.

When not using coffee beans, finding the right storage temperature is important. 

Keep coffee beans or grounds in a sealed container in a dark, cool place, such as a cupboard or pantry.

That ensures light or heat gets to the beans and damages them.

A comfortable temperature to store them at is 20 degrees C or 68 degrees F.

Sealable Container

An airtight container is essential for storing coffee beans or grounds.

Air-tight containers ensure that the coffee is protected from destructive elements, like air, heat, moisture, or light.

I’ll admit, sometimes I accidentally (or on purpose, just ask my husband!) leave my coffee beans in a bag.

However, this is so damaging to the coffee and ruins the flavor of the beans.

Therefore, purchase an airtight container or canister to store coffee in, and make sure it is not transparent in color to avoid light from hitting the beans.

You can easily get cheap sealable containers from any store online or offline.

Some Type of Fine Filter

There are many types of fine filters available to use with a French Press.

Some great ones are a Micro Fine coffee filter or a Mesh filter screen, all designed to work best with a French Press.


A good filter will remove any of the reside from the French Press, but still allow for any natural oils to filter through.


Time is sensitive when making coffee in a French Press.

It is important to know that after four minutes of letting the coffee sit in the machine, you press it out.

However, the longer you wait the stronger the coffee comes out

You can see it as: time = strength of coffee!

Step by Step Guide to Making
Cold Brew Coffee in a French Press

Making coffee in a French Press requires some important steps.

These steps are not complicated. 

But, these are necessary to get a delicious cup of cold brew at home.

Coffee beans

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Measure and Grind

First things first, measure out the coffee beans and grind them to whatever consistency you desire.

Again, for using a French Press machine, a coarse grind is ideal 

You want to avoid a very fine grind to get a better tasting coffee.

Be careful with your measurements and use a good quality scale.

Just Add Water

Typically, for every 8 ounces of water, 1-2 tablespoons of coffee are recommended.

However, you can add more or less water to suit your taste buds.

More coffee and less water will usually reap a stronger batch of coffee.

The Long Wait

Ah yes, waiting for coffee to be finished brewing is one of the most difficult steps!

That being said, it is a necessary wait in order to get a delicious coffee.

It is recommended to cover the French Press with plastic wrap, let it brew at room temperature for several hours before pressing it.

I like to leave it sit for 24 hours to get a bold tasting coffee! 

The wait will pay off. However, if you prefer a less strong tasting coffee, leave it sit for less of a time. 

The wait time is up to you.

Pour and Filter

After your coffee has sat, it is time to pour and filter it.

Carefully pour room temperature water into the press and stir.


Next, take the plunger and insert into the press, hover above the water level, store in fridge for at least 12 hours.

After the coffee has chilled, it is time to press it.


The pressure will extract the coffee and the filter, which you will have inserted into the press, will filter out any impurities.

Enjoy Your Cold Coffee

After all these steps, you can now enjoy your cold coffee!

Sit back, put your feet up and sip on the cold, refreshing brew that you worked hard to create.

I love to make my husband and I each a cup, as we sit on our porch during the summer mornings enjoying it.

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Ready To Make Your Own 
French Press Cold Brew?

Your wish plays a key role in your success as a secret cold brew barista.

The more you focus in small things I mentioned above, the more chances you have of making perfect cup of delicious cold brew.

Coffee experts learn every single step perfectly. And those perfection come after making a number of trials- it's that simple!

So, what are you doing to strengthen your cold brew expertise?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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