Best Coffee Grinders For Home Use

Investing in any type of coffee grinder is a must as we love the taste of natural coffee beans.

I think about Juan Valdez in Colombia, South America. I imagine him as he walked among fields of coffee beans.

Those beans needed to be ground before being sold to consumers.

However, he did not have the great technology that we have today to grind his beans. 

Let me introduce you to a few grinders:

A coffee lover is much like a wine connoisseur.

Just as the wine connoisseur sniffs the wine after swirling in a wine glass; we coffee lovers must grind the smell into the air around us to tell the quality of the coffee.

It is a pleasant smell. This is very important to our enjoyment of every steaming hot sip of coffee.

Why Do You Need
A Coffee Grinder In Your Home?

I would like to have a coffee grinder which allows me to adjust the grind size.

My visitors or family members may be fussy about the size of their grounded coffee.

I would sure like to please them by adjusting my machine to whatever size they request.

What Settings Make A Good
Coffee Grinder?

What Is Your Preferred Grind Size?

As I like consistency in the size of my coffee then I think that I should experiment with technological coffee grinders.

It is a fun way to find the one that suits my needs.

When I decide on the grinder that fit my needs then drinking coffee will be an even better past time.

If Jack likes deep lids then blade grinders will turn his experience into one to share with other coffee lovers.

Imagine the discussion at his birthday party when we serve coffee from our deep lid grinder.

All-Around Settings

The key to coffee grinders is to buy one that will make life easy. I do not like struggles. I prefer to push buttons and forget about it.

My brother may like to adjust settings and play with the controls. Jack may have the strength to manage some best manual coffee grinders.


Easy Cleaning And Maintenance

For easy cleaning and maintenance, we use the materials received in the box as instructed in the accompanying booklet.

Most grinders are not difficult to clean and maintain. It is also important to buy a grinder with a warranty in case a problem that we cannot solve occurs.


A Smooth, Quiet 
And Mess-Free Coffee Grinder

We do not like fussing with machines and loud grinding noises in our kitchen so we must ask the right questions.

We ask questions and get definitive answers:

‘Will it work once I load the beans and push the start button?’

‘Will it work quietly without disturbing the neighbors?’


Some of us coffee lovers do not like mess. A grinder that spills grounded coffee will not do. It should grind the beans and keep the ground coffee in the machine without making a mess.

Before buying a grinder, we ask the question:

‘Will the grinder work without spilling coffee?’


A Durable Coffee Grinder 

Durability is of utmost importance for parents with children.

Even though we have only one little daughter, we shop for items with durability.

A grinder that can take a little fall or can be knocked over would suit our needs. I like it when my appliances last a long time.

What You Need To Know
Before You Go?

I Prefer to Investigate Before Buying.

There are aspects of a coffee grinder I should know about before buying it.

I want to investigate the user-friendliness of the grinder.

And the ability to grind spices and seeds as well as beans; whether the grinder will allow me to measure my amount of beans or not.


Is That Grinder Enough User-Friendly?  

I do not have the time to enroll in a coffee grinder user class now.

I have a house to run, a daughter to care for and a husband to please.

So that, I can to just grind and enjoy every sip of coffee.


Do You Want to Use The Same Grinder 

For Coffee, Spices and Seeds? 

I want to have my coffee grinder multitask like bosses do employees.

It would mean fewer machines on my countertop.

I need to be able to grind coffee beans, spice seeds, and black pepper seeds. My idea is if I clean it well after every use, this could work.


Are You Coffee Specialist (or A Freak)?

You can call me a coffee freak. I drink all blends of coffee.

I can recall going into stores and looking for Juan Valdez on the bottle.

These days I will try just about any blend.

I will drink black coffee, coffee with milk and sugar or coffee with some creamer.


Do You Want To Measure

The Dose Yourself?

I would certainly like to measure my dose of coffee and so would Jack and other family members.

The amount that I put in my coffee cup should be up to me.

I would drink my coffee dark at times and light at other times. Jack drinks his coffee dark.


How Much Control Do You Want 

On Your Grinder? 

Now I firmly believe that if I am using an appliance that it should have steps to help me use it so that I can get more mileage out of it.

I should have steps to use it so that I will not cry over money spent to buy it.

More Considerations
For Best Home Coffee Grinders

Does The Home Coffee Grinder

Fit In Your Budget?

Shop Around for the Best Buy

Shopping around for quality and for a price to suit our budget is important.

This means that we listen to commercials, read advertisements and walk through stores like Target and Walmart.

It is not always the cheapest price that is right for us. Quality works best and lasts longer.


Do You Like The Weight?

A coffee grinder should be easy for a housewife like me to lift.

I may wish to grind coffee outside on the patio for my friends and serve coffee with mini cinnamon rolls when I host a church committee meeting.

I can share open sea breeze with others while brainstorming.


Does The Grinder Look Pretty? 

Now I happen to like space designs. So if it is not girly pretty, I will not fuss.

I like angles, edges, and curves so that means pretty much any kind of design.

These days the designs are quite unique so I would be happy to buy any of them.

Baratza Virtuoso burr coffee grinder is made for the family to share on all occasions. 


12 cm wide

35 cm high

16 cm deep

8 ounce/ 227 grams capacity of the bean hopper

5 ounce/ 142 grams capacity of grounds receiving bin

8 pounds/ 3.6 kilograms is the weight of the entire coffee grinder

1.5 to 2.4 g/ sec is the best speed 


  • check
    Every cup of coffee will taste of the same quality after being ground in this coffee grinder.
  • check
    The metal top and bottom makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • check
    The size of the bean hopper is enough for me and my husband.
  • check
    This Virtuoso coffee grinder is good for home use and for a coffee shop use. It does fine grinding and has a great consistency.
  • check
    We can also have coarse grounds from this grinder if we are not in the mood for finely ground coffee.
  • check
     The special feature of the Virtuoso coffee grinder is that it does not overheat and roast the beans for the second time.
  • check
    Slowing the machine to a speed of 450 revolutions per minute helps us to ensure smooth bean feed while reducing noise, heat and static buildup.
  • check
    The 60-second timer on this appliance with the added front mounted pulse-button makes it user-friendly.
  • check
     The finished sculptured look of metal at the top and the bottom captured my attention. 


  • It makes some noise and I do not like noisy machines.
  • I would need to grind and store a large number of grounds if I will have visitors over.

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is made for the ones who love the aroma of coffee.


Stainless steel

Cleaning brush/ measuring scoop

Total weight of 6 pounds

10 ½ inches in height

7 ½ inches in width

5 inch in length

8.8-ounce bean hopper

4-ounce ground container

5 to 60 seconds on timer


  • check
    560.01 is the newest version of the Infinity grinder
  • check
    It has a large burr to grind the beans with a large burr gear
  • check
    Slow 450 revolutions per minute maintain cool machine
  • check
    Grinds from coarse to extra fine
  • check
    Comes with a book of instructions
  • check
    Comes with a scoop to measure beans and coffee
  • check
    Comes with a brush to clean the burr and the burr gear after using
  • check
    It will not cause static accumulation of grounds as the slowness prevents that.
  • check
    It automatically turns off when the bean hopper is not locked.
  • check
    It will only grind when the black dot on the bean hopper in turned to a particular setting.
  • check
    It will automatically stop when the black dot is over the white dot on the base.


  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Allowing the grounds to pass the maximum line on the container will cause a backup of grounds which will in turn cause overheating of the machine.
  • Only 16 settings of grinding
  • Cannot grind for more than three minutes or overheat will occur.
  • This is a loud grinder.

I think, Breville Smart Pro Coffee Grinder is made for the connoisseur in coffee fanatics.


16-ounce coffee bean hopper capacity

Grounded coffee is transferred directly into portafilter container

Gold-tone filter

60 precise grind settings

Can adjust grind time to 0.2-second intervals

Stainless steel conical burrs

Sesame black color

Two portable filter cradles

Removable tray to catch spilled grounds

The coarse setting takes 40 seconds.

A button for dosage

A button for shot/ cup size which calculates the time.

A start/ pause/ cancel button


  • check
    Easy removal of bean hopper
  • check
    Minimizes grinding heat
  • check
    Protects coffee bean and the essential oils
  • check
    Every adjustment interval allows consistent dose
  • check
    Allows dosage by hand
  • check
    Removal of hopper and burr gear gives ten adjustments to allow for 600 possible ground settings
  • check
    It starts by pushing the start button
  • check
    Can be paused to remove container to settle the grounds and restarted by simply pushing in the container again
  • check
    Assist plug with a hole for a finger to pull from an outlet
  • check
    Cord storage below the base for tidy storage
  • check
    Bean hopper closes off the bean flow to burr so there are no spills when removing hopper


  • Too many uses of grinding dark oily beans will cause overheating of the machine
  • This is also a loud machine

This grinder is made for the connoisseur in us coffee lovers.


Chrome coloured

Steel conical burrs

Consistent ground coffee

Over fourteen settings; from coarse to fine grounds

Designed for durability with a friction; especially from my arthritic hands

Push button timer

Holds 220 grams/ 7.7 ounces of beans in the hopper

14 settings

Grind setting: coarse, medium, fine and extra fine.

It reduces static cling of grounds to container

Hand grinder burr


  • check
    Timer allows you to set the time for grinding beans
  • check
    It allows us to choose the perfect dose for us
  • check
    Preserves flavor and aroma
  • check
    The lid on the coffee container keeps my coffee grounds mighty fresh
  • check
    It has an attractive design
  • check
    User-friendly bean hopper twits to desired grind size
  • check
    The lid of the hopper is made of rubber and provides a tight seal
  • check
    Comes in four colors of our choice
  • check
    Glass container overcomes static accumulation of grounds


  • Cup capacity is only 1

This grinder is best for when I am all alone at home.


5.1 inches wide

8.25 inches high

5.1 inches deep

Walnut colour

*Lifetime warranty on mechanism

Produces 2 ounces of ground coffee

Grinds black pepper seeds

Adjustable mechanism produces from coarse to fine grounds

Made from Beechwood

Attached bean hopper

A draw container for coffee grounds


  • check
    Grinds seeds as well
  • check
    Maximum flavor for my cup
  • check
    It has an antique look
  • check
    Its dimensions make it a sturdy appliance


  • Grinds enough grounds for a single cup of coffee
  • Messy when retrieving the grounds to brew
  • Not so technological! Can't leave it to grind while doing houseworks
  • It takes few beans in the hopper to grind
  • The wooden drawer may leave particles in my coffee
  • Grinding is done by blades instead of a burr


After all these reviews, I think I have just the right buy for me, Jack and the rest of the family when they visit.

The Breville BCG Smart Coffee Grinder is the real coffee grinder for us.

It had unlimited settings. I may never use all of them but it is good to know that I can introduce those settings to my many guests.

I am sure that my church committee members will want to buy one after having coffee ground by the Smart coffee grinder.

It is a no mess grinder and easy to clean the limited ground residue after using as many times as I wish to use it.

There is no doubt that the size of this grinder will allow me and Jack to drink as many cups of coffee and as many blends of coffee that we choose to buy.

I love the fact that it has a cord storage that cannot be seen and an assist hole in the plug to aid me in unplugging the grinder.

The Breville BCG Smart Coffee Grinder is black and will fit in with whichever décor I may wish to have in my home. It is now time to go shopping my readers.

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Creator & editor here at House Of Arabica. I'm a proud mother of one baby girl. Passionate about coffees and their variations. Love to review coffee accessories! Please feel free to put your comment below.

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