Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder Review

The Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder is a good choice for beginners! And a perfect grinder for home. The steel conical burrs crushes coffee beans very easily. That makes it unique from various types of coffee grinders among the market!
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for french press and espresso!
Capresso Infinity is
cool grinder to use. Some time it is use as for Turkish coffee.

Who wouldn’t love to grind their own café quality coffee in their own home?

According to a Harvard study, over 54% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis.

The average price of an espresso is $2.45 USD, and a brewed cup is $1.38 USD

A lot of money can be saved by doing this yourself

This isn’t hard because ground beans have a long shelf time.

Flavor is lost with pre-ground coffee because of the exposure to the air. That full-bodied taste is lost within hours.

Meet the Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

It has been designed to meet all your grinding needs while still giving you the best-tasting coffee.

Capresso has a long history of making high-end coffee machines.

In fact, that is how they got their start.

The founders saw that American consumers were far from satisfied with their choices of coffee equipment.

They made it their goal to create machines that would only be described as the best and most innovative.

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Whom Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder Is Designed For?

While this is a commercial grade machine, it was created for home use.
It produces coffee worthy of your favorite shop right in your kitchen.

You will have first-rate reliability for years to come. Capresso’s reputation precedes them.
You aren’t paying for their name brand. Each item is unique, new, and innovative.

They live by their philosophy of providing great tasting coffee, but giving you the best value for your money.

They are also easy to use. No wonder all of their products get above four stars on Amazon!
Capresso wants to make sure all of their customers are satisfied.

They devote themselves to delivering high quality products.
From their drip brewers, milk froth thermometers and burr grinders, they want to make sure you are happy.

This machine can grind for any type of coffee.
This means you can have Turkish, espresso, percolators, over brewers, French press, and of course, drip coffee.

I would take control of its quality and upgrade to this grinder today.
It will save a valuable amount of money over going to a fancy coffee shop, while still providing the flavors you crave.

Best of all, you don’t have to spend $300-$400 on it.

Why Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder Is So Popular?

This is one of the most popular burr grinders on the market for many reasons.

For one, it is inexpensive without sacrificing quality. 

It is shock resistant and does not vibrate as much because of the heavy duty metal.

It is more silent than other grinders. It also won’t work unless it is locked into place—a great added safety feature.

Finally, there is less friction and heat because of its slow speed.

This means your coffee doesn’t burn and guarantees better flavor. It is easy to clean, and the reasonable price is a major plus as well.

It also has a one year guarantee.

Why Infinity Capresso Grinder Is So Useful?

The Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder ensures that you don’t have to stay by the machine for it to work.

The grinder has a built-in timer that can be set for between five and sixty seconds. No more having to stand there pushing buttons!

You can take your time knowing that your coffee will be ground to your specifications.

It is useful for all kinds of coffee preparation and has an exceedingly broad range of grinds, including extra-fine.

This machine comes with sixteen different settings. They are clearly marked, with four different levels each. They range from extra fine to coarse.

It even has one for the finest Turkish coffee, which is very rare to find in a grinder.

How Capresso Grinder Is So Different?

This product is great for any sort of coffee making machine.
It is blade-less. It grinds between metal teeth rather than a sharp blade.

It does not create a lot of fine dust.
You can also grind beans for a single cup of coffee or a full pot, no matter what setting.

That even includes choosing between a single shot of espresso or a double!

Helpful Hints

The Capresso does not need to be put in the dishwasher.
The brush and maybe a paper towel will do the trick.

Only fill the grinder with the amount of coffee you intend to use. This is so that you can preserve the freshness of your coffee.

Make sure the upper conical is properly aligned so that it will lock on correctly.

What Users Think? (About Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder)

Customers have given rave reviews. 

One consumer likes this model more than the Baratza Encore. He likes it simply because it is quieter and gives a more consistent grind on any setting.

Another consumer was impressed by its power and ease of use.

One woman boasted about buying it in 2009 and it still working perfectly!

Another woman wrote how her son in the coffee industry gave a “thumbs up” after using the grinder.

One man commented that the stainless steel burrs were a great aspect of the product.

Testimonies like these point to a quality product.


​​It has endurance. One consumer has been using it since 2006 without any problems, and is obviously very happy about it.

It doesn’t clog like many less reliable burr grinders do, even compared to the more expensive ones.

You get consistent coffee grounds no matter the setting.

The built-in timer makes grinding a breeze.

The upper burr is extremely easy to clean because it is removable.

The conical burr’s are created as matched pairs, and are assembled by hand for the correct fit.


The black dots indicating the fineness of the grind tend to fade away after time.

Oily beans, such as dark roasted, can cause static buildup. The grinds may then stick to the outside and make a mess.

The lower burr is a little more difficult to clean than the upper burr.

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  1. Made of heavy-duty zinc die-cast housing
  2. 100 watt conical burr grinder
  3. 16 grind settings
  4. Commercial-grade conical burrs
  5. Bean container can hold 8 ½ ounces
  6. Ground container can hold 4 ounces
  7. Built-in timer

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I want to grind for a French press. So I will need a coarse grind. I would like three cups of coffee. What should I set the timer for?

Answer: The timer is set for how long the grinder runs, not how many cups you want to make. The grounds will fall out when they are the right size.

Question: How do you know how long you should set the timer for?

Answer: This depends on how many beans are in the container. Set it on one for the least amount of beans, and ten when it is entirely full.

Question: Will the grinding cease when the bean container is entirely empty?

Answer: The grinder will only stop when the timer runs out or the bean canister has been removed.

Question: How loud is it? Will it wake up my children who are fifty feet away?

Answer: Not even close! It is as quiet as a whisper.

Question: How often do you have to clean it? It doesn’t mention it in the manual.

Answer: I just wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.

Alternative to Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

It is important to compare your choice of conical burrs or any other product you buy.

This way you will find out what is the best fit for you and what you want it for.


Of your considerations, make sure you check how efficient and user friendly they are.


Look at all their features, and compare and contrast.

Also look at reviews to see what other customers liked or disliked about it.

This could make a huge difference on how happy you are with your purchase.

Cuisinart DMB-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

This coffee grinder comes with both a cleaning brush and an espresso brush. Like the Capresso, it has a built in timer.

Produces an uneven grind with the beans.

It is much messier. You have to clean it every day to remove condensed coffee dust.

It burns out often.

Even on the coarsest setting, the grinds are on the finer side.

Can contain plenty of beans.

Does not take up much space on the kitchen counter.

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Baratza Encore Burr Coffee Grinder

Unlike the Capresso, this model has a pulse button on the front.

Good enough for manual brewing while still being fine enough for espresso.

Quite loud.

Needs to be emptied when container is half full. Otherwise the grinder will clog or stop functioning.

The vibration gets coffee grounds everywhere.

Simple to put its parts together.

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Bodum BISTRO Burr Grinder

Also has a preset timer.

This machine has a great friction clamp to prevent slipping.

Pieces are made of plastic.

Very noisy.

There is too much static cling, which makes it difficult to clean.

Holds a half pound of beans.

Seals tight to keep out circulating air.

After time it begins to get dull and the volume of coffee grinds decreases

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Final Verdict

Compared to other coffee grinders, the stainless steel Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder is unquestionably on top.

With its wide range to make different types of coffee and its inexpensive price and safety features, this is a great appliance to have in your kitchen.

Start your morning right with this grinder.

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