How To Use A Coffee Grinder?

Before you decide to even buy a ​coffee grinder for your personal use, you should know how to use one.

Or, if you impulsively bought one without doing research, now you need to know how the ​grinders are different by types and functionalities.

So I figured it out for us all!

Grinder Quality

There are many factors that can affect the quality and efficiency of your grinder. For example : you want a burr or blade coffee grinder for french press 

Size of the grinder can determine the speed of grind time.

This can be beneficial because prolonged time can make the beans heat and burn.

Less time also means there’s less static electricity collected, so less clumping.

Motor power can also affect the speed of your grinder, higher power means less time.

Upside Of Using A Coffee Grinder

If you’re looking for a reason to purchase a grinder, there are plenty. 

Fresh coffee is a main reason.

Coffee grinders can also give you diverse options.

They're great tool to learn to grind and adapt with!


Not Breaking The Wallet

If you opt for your best manual coffee grinder, you can buy them for cheap.

When you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to have fresh coffee, this is it.

Electric grinders, however, can be more expensive.

Grind Size Choice

Using a grinder gives you the ability to choose what size your grounds are.

This is helpful if your making different types of coffee drinks.

Variety is a very large benefit of purchasing a coffee grinder.

Flavored Coffee Problem Solved

Worried about old flavors mixing with new?

Buy a blade grinder!

They’re super easy to clean, so you can quickly get rid of those flavors.


Sick of buying ridiculously expensive coffee at fancy cafés while traveling?

A coffee grinder is an easy item to take with you.

You can make your own coffee instead of emptying your wallet.


Concerned about the noise a grinder might make?

Hand grinders are much quieter than electric grinders.

Manual versions average about 73 decibels (db), which is about as loud as a classroom.

Electric grinders average about 80 db, which is equal to medium-heavy traffic.

Working Toward A Goal 

Using a coffee grinder is a great way to get a break from instantly meeting your wants/needs.

Grinding beans can take a little work sometimes, but it pays off.

It gives you the regular experience of working toward something that benefits you.

How Does Coffee Grinder Work?


Blades will start to tear apart the beans into pieces growing smaller.


The particles then exit via the chute and winds up in the doser.


If you want to change the grind size, you can change the distance between blades.

The closer the blades, the finer the grind.


Difference in grind size gives rise to change in required brewing time.

Fine grounds take a longer time for water to pass through.

In contrast, a more coarse grind provides a quicker passage for water.

Guide To Grinding Coffee Beans

Step-by-steps always make things easier, in my opinion.

I’ve done my nosing around to figure out the coffee grinding process.

Here is a simple guideline for you to follow to grind those beans.

Buy The Right Grinder

If you don’t choose the right grind size, your brew can wind up messed up.

I don’t know about you, but I want to avoid watery and/or extremely bitter drinks.

Blade grinders are good for medium-to-coarse grinds.

Burr grinders are good for medium/fine-very fine grinds.

Hand grinders are a good way to gauge how fine you’ve ground them and decide whether or not to continue.

Adjust The Grind

Now that you’ve got your grind size figure out, let your grinder know.

If you’re using a hand grinder, keep your desired size in mind.

Then check frequently while grinding until you’ve reached

Get To The Hopper

You’re going to need access to the hopper.

For this, remove the top.

Often times, you’ll have to turn clockwise to unlock it.


Add The Beans

With the hopper open, you’re now ready to fill it with beans!

Measure out the amount that you’re wishing to grind.

Then dump the coffee beans.

Lock Them In

You’ll probably want to make sure that grinder is locked tight.

I’m sure you down want coffee grounds everywhere, talk about a mess!

Mostly, you’ll need to turn the top counterclockwise to lock in on again.

Grind It Up

Finally, you’re ready to start grinding.

Figure out how you’re device grinds and go for it!

Handles are often used to grind the beans.


The beans are no longer beans!

To use your fresh grounds, you need to detach the catcher.

Then pour the grounds into whatever machine you’re using to brew.

Pro Tips

Use Quickly

When you grind those beans, you’re exposing flavors, oils, and aromas.

After a while those will dissipate into the surrounding air.

To avoid losing them, you’ll want to start brewing the grounds right away.

Don’t Mess Up The Grind

Size of the grind can affect many other things in the brewing process.

Ensure the temperature is correct for the size of grounds you’re using.

Also make sure you brew for the correct amount of time based on your grind.

Keep It Squeaky

Old residue in grinders can give rise to acid and oil buildup from the beans.

Eventually, these acids and oils start to turn and become rancid.

To avoid getting those rancid acids and oils in your new grounds, keep it clean.


Watch Out For Water

Many grinders are either electric or metal. 

Water can, unfortunately, be detrimental to both of those.

Electric grinders can be rendered useless when in contact with water.

Excess water contact can rust and damage metal over time.

Beware Of Abrasive Tools

A lot of grinders are made of materials that are easily scratched.

Glass and certain plastics are common surfaces that are quick-to-damage.

Some brushes and other tools that are abrasive can scratch those surfaces.

Try going for a softer option, like sponges, for these surfaces.

Stain And Odor Removal

Coffee grinders are very susceptible to residue and odor buildup.

There are many ways to combat these issues.

If odor is your problem, try using baking soda, vinegar, or sugar.

Residue can be removed with a brush or mini vacuum.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Grinder?

Try using a cloth to wipe the grounds out, followed by vinegar to remove ois.

You could also run different oil-absorbing materials through the grinder.

The way you clean your grinder is ultimately up to the specific grinder type and issue.

# Can I Grind Spices In My Grinder?

Hand blade grinders can also be used for grinding spices.

You just have to make sure to clean the smells out after every use.

Luckily, blade grinders come apart easily so they don’t take long to deodorize.

# How Do I Grind the Beans To The Right Size?

Grinders have an adjust ring that, when turned, changes the resulting grind size.

When changing size, the central shaft is held in place and the ring is turned.

Clockwise turns result in a finer grind.

In contrast, counterclockwise turns result in a more coarse grind.

# Can I Really Clean My Grinder With Rice?

Rice is an oil-absorbing substance.

Oils that go bad are part os the cause of the bad odors emitted from grinders.

To get rid of them, try running rice through the grinder and dump the result.

​# How Do I Fix My Coffee Grinder?

If you’re grinder has stopped working, disassemble it completely.

Look at each part to see if any are broken.

If you discover a broken part, replace it.

Has it been a while since you’ve cleaned your grinder?

While it is apart, give each piece a nice clean before reassembly.

# How Often Should I Clean Out My Grinder?

As a general rule, if you start to see (or smell) any build-up, clean it.

Or, you can also be safe and clean it once a week.

If you have a special exception, like grinding spices, the time frame will change.

# Does Starbucks Sell Coffee Grinders?

A few years ago there was a large recall of many of their grinders.

I don’t believe they sell them anymore.

It looks like, however, you can still buy old models on third-party sites.

# Can You Grind Nuts In A Coffee Grinder?

Yes, you can grind nuts in a coffee grinder.

Nuts can easily become paste, though.

Be sure to grind for just a few seconds and not too many times to avoid this.

# How Do I Sharpen My Blade Grinder?

Not only does rice help remove oils, but it helps sharpen blades.

Try running rice through your grinder to get fresher cuts.

# How Do I Sharpen My Burr Grinder?

Running rice through it works for both blade and burr grinders.

# How Do I Know I Have The Right Size?

If you’re not sure whether your grounds are the right size, run them through your fingers.

Coarse grounds should feel like kosher sea salt.

A medium grind should feel like sand.

Fine grounds should feel similar to powdered sugar.


As you can see, using a coffee grinder can be very beneficial!

It may take a little while to get use to it, but once you do it’s a piece of cake.

Cake slices aren’t always a good thing though, especially in my daughter’s hands!

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