Best Grinders For Turkish Coffee

Brewing Turkish coffee is a great way to make a memory.

It is one of the oldest ways, and for those who like a strong coffee, one of the best methods of brewing.

For Turkish style coffee, you need to grind to a very fine texture, almost to the consistency of powder.

This allows me more of a complete extraction, and gives my cup the great coffee taste I desire. 

There are  many important things before finding a turkish coffee grinder. 

So, I placed a step by step guide to choose your best grinder for turkish coffee.

 Why Turkish Coffee Is Different?

Some people mistakenly believe Turkish coffee is made with a specific type of bean.

It’s surprisingly nothing but a brewing method. You can easily make it with a variety of coffee beans.

More precisely, this is a method of preparing unfiltered coffee.

You just need perfectly roasted and very finely ground coffee beans to boil in a pot usually with sugar.

You have to serve it in a cup, where grounds can settle to the bottom of the cup.

What Grind Size Is Perfect For Turkish Coffee?

The most common grind size you come across is known as a 'fine grind'.

You can use your coffee grinder to get that.

Otherwise, you can purchase pre-ground coffee with a fine grind size. 

In terms of consistency, it’s a little finer than table salt, so as previously mentioned, it has the consistency off a powder.

Grind size is one of the most important factors in coffee brewing.

We use different grind sizes for different coffee brewers, to avoid over extracting or under extracting our coffee.

Too little extraction can cause your coffee to taste watered down.

While over-extraction can cause an extremely strong and unpleasant taste.

Which Type Of Beans Are Best For Turkish Coffee Grinders?

When preparing Turkish coffee, it's best that you use a dark roast that resembles the other strong flavors and aromas in the brew.

The flavor of your coffee all depends on the variety of beans.

The 3 most common types of coffee beans are Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica

While most people think the bean type doesn't matter, different beans produce different tastes.

Brewing With Arabica Beans

According to, more than 60% of coffee consumption around the world is used with Arabica coffee.

 Arabica beans tend to give you a sweeter and softer taste, with other aromas of sugar, fruit, and berries.

I found that their acidity is also higher, giving you that winey taste that makes it different from others.

Coffee enthusiasts praise the Arabica bean for its smooth, fruity and floral flavor, and for how easy it is for you to sip on.

Brewing With Robusta Beans

Robusta beans have a stronger, bolder taste, as well as a grainy texture and an aftertaste similar to peanuts.

They contain twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans, and they are thought of to be a greater value.

Some robusta beans are of very high quality and more preferred by coffee lovers, especially for their deep, strong flavor.

With double the amount of caffeine as Arabica, insects won’t go near it. This also makes you coffee less acidic, but gives you a more bitter taste.

Brewing With Liberica Beans

Liberica is more of a rare bean in the coffee world but it is some of the greatest tasting coffee.

Liberica beans are huge berry-like coffee beans that have smoky, dark chocolate notes when they are roasted and brewed.

It is the main choice of bean in the Philippines. It is similar to Robusta with it's very bold and strong taste, but with a more fruity, woody aroma.

Because it has such a bold flavor, Filipinos have named it the "Manly Coffee".

Best Traditional Turkish Coffee Grinders

As you already know - Turkish coffee stand out for the size of the grinds.

The main purpose is to extract the maximum flavor from coffee beans.

A hand grinder gives you more control and precision on how your grind should look.

You can grind the coffee beans at your own pace, and get the specific grind size you prefer for your coffee.

So, I listed the top manual grinders those can do best for you.

The Traditional Coffee and Spice Mill was originally used by the Greek Army to grind coffee in the field.

These mills are durable enough to turn large beans into very fine coffee grounds.

The coffee beans are simply placed into the grinder and as the handle is turned, the grounds fall directly into a collection cup.

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These are great because:

  • The grind size is adjustable.
  • You can use it to grind both coffee and other spices.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • It is very strong and durable.


However, some things I found that I'm not much of a fan of include:

  • The large size. It is quite tall. Although, it does fit a decent amount of coffee beans inside of it. 
  • Because of it's height, it is a little difficult to store.

It has other pros and cons. Seeing as how the only flaws I have found with this item just include the size, it is all in all a wonderful investment. 

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This grinder creates an even grind without clumping, clogging, or leaving any chunks of coffee beans behind. 

It is made with ceramic so it is resistant to rust and corrosion.

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I personally recommend this grinder because:

  • It comes with it's own coffee scoop.
  • You can adjust the grind size with just a simple twist.
  • You don't have to change the blades or add any attachments to get a finer or coarser grind.


While it is strong and durable, it also has a few minor issues such as:

  • The size. It is a little over 7 inches tall and weighs slightly over 2 and a half pounds.
  • Although it is tall, the grinder capacity is only about 8 fluid ounces so it is only good for grinding small amounts of coffee at a time.

If you wish to grind large amounts of coffee beans with each use, this grinder may not be for you. 

But if you are a traveler or only drink small cups of coffee each day, this grinder is going to be great for you.

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This grinder lets you grind just the right amount of coffee, immediately before you brew.

This ensures that you get the freshest, tastiest cup of coffee possible.

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This manual coffee grinder from Khaw-Fee provides you with:

  • The ability to precisely grind to your preferences.
  • High quality ceramic conical burr construction that ensures a consistent grind every time.
  • A silicone base that makes it quick and easy to clean.


Although it has great qualities, every item has flaws. These include:

  • A glass bottom jar that may break if the grinder is dropped.
  • Some coffee beans may not completely grind all the way so you might have a few chunks after the initial grind.
  • The handle grinds horizontally instead of vertically so it is a little more of a hassle to grind your beans than other hand grinders.

But even after finding the slight inconveniences, it is still a great grinder altogether. It is great for on-the-go grinding.

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3E Home Canister Burr Coffee Mill

3E Home Canister Burr Coffee Mill

This grinder is a little bigger than previously mentioned grinders, but it grinds more coffee at a time. 

It is made of ceramic and you get a nice grind after each use.


Not only is it durable because of its ceramic structure, it also:

  • Includes a built in adjustable coffee grinder selector that gives you the ability to control the overall coarseness of your grind. 
  • Reduces the amount of noise during grinding so you can grind the beans while your family is sleeping.
  • Has a nice body so it can not only be used as a grinder, but also as a lovely home decoration.


Aside from its great looks and strong body, this grinder unfortunately:

  • Requires more energy in grinding. For the very fine grind needed for Turkish coffee, you have to keep grinding for an increased amount of time.
  • Because it is very light, it doesn't really have enough weight to counteract the grinding. You may find it often tries to move around off the table, even if you're holding it down or leaning on it.
  • The handle is slightly small so if you have large hands, it may be more awkward and difficult to grasp. 

Overall, if you prefer to work harder, this grinder would fit wonderfully into your life. 

If you choose not to put too much effort into your grinding, you may find this product to be more of an inconvenience. 

This older grinder originally created in Germany is made of high grade hardened carbon steel to provide long term service and quality.

The lovely aroma of every bean is preserved during the grinding process so you get a great deal of flavor.

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The flavor is just the start of the wonderful qualities of this grinder. The Zassenhaus Grinder is also:

  • Made with higher quality materials that protect it from easily breaking if it is dropped of knocked off of the grinding surface.
  • Not large at all. It takes up little space. You can consider this as a portable gadget. You can take it on trips with you, or easily store  it in a small cabinet.
  • Doesn't produce a harsh metal noise while grinding. Instead, it gives the room a soothing, organic sound.


There are a few negative sides to this grinder. These consist of:

  • The beans sometimes not dropping through to the burrs resulting in nothing happening at all. You may have to give the grinder a few taps to get the beans in a good grinding position.
  • Taking minutes instead of seconds to grind enough beans for a full pot of coffee, which may pose an issue if you need to grind large amounts of coffee in a small amount of time.
  • The stability. Because it is small and light, it is difficult to keep it in one place without having to put extra pressure on the top to hold it down.  

All in all, for the price you pay, it does do a very good job grinding. It's easy to clean, and it adjusts down to whatever size you want. It is steady enough to last for years instead of buying a new grinder every few months.

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The Turkish Coffee World Grinder 

This grinder is specifically designed for grinding Turkish coffee. As expected, it is made in Turkey.

This grinder is becoming more rare and soon it may become a collector item. It is a little pricey, but the amount you pay is reasonable for the great quality of this grinder.


A few pros to this grinder are:

  • It is a hand made, heavy duty grinder with steel burrs so it is easy to grind a great amount of beans at a time.
  • It includes a wooden box at the bottom that simply slides open like a drawer when grinding is complete.
  • If you are a fan of antique looking decorations, this fits perfectly into your home.


As always, there are some minor flaws to this product such as:

  • Because it was made for Turkish coffee, the coarseness of the grind is not adjustable.
  • The knob on the handle is made of wood and can sometimes be uncomfortable to grasp.
  • It is quite expensive.

Other than the few imperfections, it is a wonderful product that I would highly recommend.

Best (Electric) Turkish Coffee Grinders

Sometimes, it is hard to get a gap in our daily life.

So, if you have lack of time, and want to save energy, an electric grinder works best for you.

Electric grinders grind coffee beans faster than manual grinders at just the push of a button.

For an early, groggy morning you just can't wait for coffee.

In that case, just grab an electric grinder from the list below and let it do the work for you.

This grinder features a grinding mechanism to give you a full range of grinds between extra-fine and coarse.

There are 16 total settings for this product that give you the grind you are looking for.

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A few features that I absolutely love are:

  • It is not a space consuming machine. It does not take up the whole counter like I had imagined an electric grinder would.
  • The careful grinding reduces the amount of friction and heat build-up to save the maximum aroma and flavor.
  • It breaks down easily so it is simple and quick to clean.


With every great product, comes some minor hassles. A few that I did find are:

  • The grinding chamber tends to get jammed quite often.
  • Although it is easy to clean, it needs to happen after almost every use.
  • Every now and then, the grounds container sticks and if you work too hard to get to your coffee grounds, they fly everywhere.

This is a great grinder for those who like to try different sizes of grinds.

You can set the timer for anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds. The longest you have to wait for your grind is one minute.

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This sleek, stylish grinder packs a lot of value into a very low price.

This stainless steel grinder fits into the corner of any kitchen counter, no matter how low on space you may be.

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Some things that gave me a great feeling about this grinder are:

  • The 18 different grind options. Its great for whatever coffee brewing method I want, and grinds extra-fine for my Turkish coffee.
  • It has a safety feature that automatically shuts the grinder off if part of the grinder is not assembled correctly.
  • Because it has a burr for grinding instead of a blade that causes some heat build-up, my coffee has the same maximum flavor as it would if the beans weren't ground.


A few things I find that I don't particularly like are:

  • It's not as quiet as I would like it to be so it is hard to grind my beans early in the morning while my husband and baby are sleeping.
  • It does get dirty quickly so it needs to be cleaned more often than none. 
  • There is a space between the chamber top and the bottom of the grinder base so I do get some small particles on my counter.

All in all, it is a good buy compared to other, more expensive burr grinders.

As long as you are not obsessed with getting something fancy, this should not present a problem.

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The Bunn G1HDB is definitely a large grinder and takes up a significant amount of space. But if you own a coffee shop, or like to stay stocked up on coffee, this is a great buy.

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I found that this grinder:

  • Is a very sturdy unit, and is easy to operate.
  • Has the power to grind an entire pound of coffee beans in approximately 30 seconds.
  • Has a wide-range of settings that are perfect for any grinding preferences.


However, some things I found that are quite bothersome are:

  • The large size and heavy weight. It is not very portable and cant be taken in and out of a cabinet.
  • Its more expensive than my previously mentioned grinders.
  • It needs to be cleaned very often, and if not, it can malfunction.

Overall, it is quite pricey for a home grinder, but works very well and is fast.

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Like anything, you can experiment with these machines, try different beans and different settings and types of grind.

Pretty much everything grinders are made to do. 

These are worth the effort and you should not be a disappointment if you buy them. 

Hope my review helps you to try some of these products.

They might be good products for you (even with the minor snags, but nothing is ever 100% perfect).

Please feel free to ask any questions, comments or concerns in the comment section.

Moreover, I always love to hear some reviews of your own!

Sarah Price

Creator & editor here at House Of Arabica. I'm a proud mother of one baby girl. Passionate about coffees and their variations. Love to review coffee accessories! Please feel free to put your comment below.

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