4 Awesome Keto Drinks at Starbucks (How to Order?)

Have you ever heard of the Keto diet?

Well, if you have, then you should know that you can order Ketogenic friendly coffee drinks at Starbucks.

This coffee company is accommodating for almost all special diets or requests.

The next time you find yourself in the line-up, you can feel confident knowing you can order a delicious coffee that will not hurt your diet. 

I have put together an easy-know-all of some Starbucks Keto Hacks for you, so that you are prepared the next time you order a coffee. 

I see - very little info is shared about this low-carbohydrate item!

Therefore, these hacks are simple to remember for both you and your barista.

Listed Items

  1. Classic Misto With Added Cream
  2. The Americano with a Bold Twist and Less Carbs
  3. Coffee Three Ways: Drip, Iced, and Cold Brew
  4. Frothy Frappuccinos Made Low Carb

The rest covers all you need to know regarding dairy, how to order, what kinds of coffees and teas to order Keto friendly, and the low down on syrups! 

Check out below a quick reference to how to order these specific drinks – it is that simple!

How to Order Keto Drinks at Starbucks

New Found Keto-Friendly Starbucks Favourites

These are my top favourite coffees that you can order at Starbucks. They range from simple coffees to blended drinks, and they all taste amazing. So, whether you like a bold Americano or a sweet Frappuccino, you can enjoy it all while sticking to this special diet.

Take a look at this image below, it shows a helpful visual of how to order certain drinks Keto style.

Classic Misto

A misto is a shot of espresso over hot water that is topped with steamed milk. It has an overall smooth flavour but bold taste thanks to the espresso shot.

When you ask your barista to make a Misto for you, ask them for an Americano Misto made with half and half and sugar-free vanilla.


If you are wanting something without dairy, then ask for your Misto to be made dairy-free or lactose-free.

Another Misto option is ordering a short, freshly-brewed coffee mixed with steamed milk of your choice.

This drink only comes with 5 grams net carbs, which is a great option if you are craving a creamy coffee.

The All Americano – Keto Style

An Americano is a Starbucks favourite. You just can’t beat this rich, caffeine packed drink that offers a delicious crema.


Just because you eat and drink following this diet does not mean you have to give up your perfect cup of coffee.

When you go into the coffee shop, ask the barista for a short Americano; the drink is naturally low in carbs and even lower if in a short size. 

If you add any dairy it, you will be adding carbs via the sugar content – just keep this in mind.

Coffee on Ice – Drip, Iced, or Cold Brew

Cold coffee drinks can of course be enjoyed too. This means that on those hot days, you can grab an iced coffee without it damaging your progress. The key with ordering an iced coffee is to pass on the sweetener.

Try ordering a Caramel Iced Coffee, one pump caramel syrup, three pumps no sugar-added vanilla syrup, and coconut beverage. 

If you are wanting something less sweet, try the Narino 70 Cold Brew with ice. 

For any drip coffee, enjoy it on ice with stevia to keep it ketogenic -friendly.

Keto-Friendly Frappuccinos

Blended coffee drinks are delicious at Starbucks, am I right?

And you don’t have to cut them out of your diet because there are many blended frappuccinos to be enjoyed. If you love mocha, try the Blended Mocha Coffee and order a grande iced coffee, no sweetener, one pump mocha and no sugar added sugar vanilla syrup, blended with no base (meaning milk or cream).

It is important the base should be removed from the drink to keep the carb count down. 

Another non-traditional Frappuccino to try is a Tall unsweetened iced coffee with extra ice, 2 shots of heavy dairy, 2 pumps no sugar added Cinnamon Dolce syrup, and blended like a Frappuccino. 

However, you want no base or sweetener other than the Cinnamon Dolce.

Dairy Tips to Know

Dairy does not have to be a disaster when it comes to ordering a Starbucks Keto friendly coffee drink.

In fact, you can use almost any type of dairy when ordering. To cut down on carbs, replace preferred milk with ¾ water and ¼ heavy cream.

The Keto diet encourages full-fat dairy, such as yogurt and rich cheeses.

Therefore, ordering your coffee with milk is ideal. And, the richer and thicker the cream or dairy, the creamier the coffee.

Must to Know About Milk

Milk is allowed on the Keto diet, but one must be careful about how much they consume due to the sugar content in it. Full-fat dairy is suggested more than regular. 

Now that you know this, when ordering your Starbucks coffee consider adding half and half instead of milk, like skim or regular. Some people may wonder if using no dairy comprises the sweetness of the coffee.

However, that is not true. If you add coffee creamer you can add sugar-free syrups which are usually low in carbs and calories.

What to Know About Ordering 

Ordering a Keto drink means you will have to ask for some changes to the regular drink on the menu. Some helpful tips that I find useful are speaking in a clear, friendly voice.


And, do not forget to let the barista know you are wanting it to be Keto-friendly so that they can help you out. 

Using some of the recipes presented above, you can easily read them out to the barista from your phone or from a piece of paper; you might have to do this until you can memorize them off by heart.

Helpful Keto Hacks to Remember

Vanilla Stick Wood

Sugar-Free Vanilla

A classic no sugar added vanilla is a delicious and rather healthy drink to enjoy ketogenic-style. In fact, you can regularly find this type of coffee on the menu.


When making this item, ask to replace the dairy with heavy whipping cream and water, and keep the syrup without added sugar.

By doing this, you will reduce the carb content. To make it even more low, ask for a short Skinny Vanilla latte.

Cinnamon Stick and sugar

Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dolce Latte 

Sweet, cinnamon blended with creamy coffee is a delicious coffee to enjoy that stays in align with your diet. Ask the barista for a short, cinnamon dolce latte with no milk and instead add full-fat cream or half-and-half.

 You may even want to add less shots of syrup, such as one instead of two, to lower the carbs even more. 

If you want to add extra cinnamon flavour, dash the top with real ground cinnamon – no carbs there! By doing this, you are adding flavour without adding calories or carbohydrates.

Sugar-Free Mocha Sauce

A mocha latte, whether iced or hot, is a perfect sweet treat.

Keeping the mocha sauce free of added sugar as well as the milk or half-and-half makes a great Keto coffee drink.

When asking the barista, specify that you want sugar-free mocha syrup, fresh brewed coffee, and full-fat cream. 

The cream and mocha mix together wonderfully and make a decadent chocolate coffee.


Mocha that does not contain any sweetener is low in carbs so you can stay on track with being low-carbohydrate diet.

Cha-cha-chai Syrup

A good chai syrup can take a drink from simple to amazing. A lot of teas at Starbucks can have chai sweetener added to them, such as the classic Chai Tea Latte.

But, regular Chai sweetener has sugar in it, so it is important to ask for no added sugar chai when ordering your drink.

The next time you are ordering a coffee, ask the barista for a short Chai Tea Latte with 2 chai-tea bags, non-sweetened cinnamon dolce syrup, and heavy cream. 

You can then add your own sweetener. The tea bag and the cinnamon add flavour without sugar.

The Ultimate Keto Tea Options

If you are a tea lover much like myself, then you will be happy to know that there are many great tea options.


There is nothing like a hot cup to relax with in the early morning or late evening, but it is important that it is healthy and low in carbs and sugar.

Take a look at some of the following top favourite teas to try the next time you are craving one. 

And, before you do that, watch this video of some tea lovers favourite drinks.

Hot or Iced Tea

You can make keto friendly hot or iced beverage. When ordering iced passion or green, ensure you leave out classic syrup which contains carbs.

Instead, add your own sweetener and ask for the drink unsweetened. 

Ask the barista to whip up a tall unsweetened ice passion tea with full-fat dairy and add your own sweetener. 

This drink is creamy, fruity, and will keep you on track! Plus, you don’t miss out on the sweetness since the tea is already sweet and you can even add Stevia if necessary. 

Another one to try is the Peach Citrus tea, which is sweet and tangy with low carbs, just ask for it unsweetened.

Spicy Chai Tea

Ordering unsweetened chai syrup can be slightly challenging but not impossible.


A helpful tip is ordering one two bags of chai tea, 1 pump no sugar added cinnamon dolce syrup, and add cream to it.

This way, you can still enjoy the sweetness of the chai tea but you don’t overload on carbs. 

Plus, the cinnamon flavour is a must try!

For added spiciness, try sprinkling with cardamom or chai spice seasoning on top.

Other Delicious Teas to Try

Starbucks does not only brew low-carb or no-sugar added coffee but they also brew amazing teas!


Look out for their Mint Majesty, Earl Grey, Rose, and Green Teas that can all be made into lattes or enjoyed with a splash of full-fat cream.

You can sweeten them with your own sweetener which cuts down the carbs because the barista is not adding syrup. 

Another helpful tip when ordering teas is to ask the barista – they know some great ones to try!

Which one did you enjoy the most?

Now that you have read all about Keto drinks, it is time for you to tell me which one you enjoyed the most! Or, which one you think you’ll try the next time you are at Starbucks.

It is important that those who are on the healthy diet still get to enjoy delicious Starbucks caffeinated beverages without compromising on taste and quality. 

Please share in the comments below if there are recommendations you have for ketogenic friendly coffees or teas, and let me know how you liked this article. Thanks!

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