13 Easy Brewing Tips & Tricks To Make You A Coffee Expert

You're probably here because you're a coffee addict. 


You love the taste, the smell, the process.

It’s all so fascinating.

But when you make coffee, there always seems to be something missing and you can't quite seem to put your finger on it. 

And you always think about making your own coffee blends.

But if you're anything like us and have long-term commitments, pre-ground coffee is a good outlet.

We've all been there, but if you're a self proclaimed coffee addict like me, you’re in the right place.

I'm here today to give you some coffee brewing tips that can take your cup of coffee to the next level!

I use some coffee hacks to improve my coffee  and make my morning better than past.

You won’t have to twist your face in disgust ever again.

Let's get started!

10 Brewing Tips For Beginners

1 # Use Whole Beans

It can be hard to get the exact same tasting coffee when using whole beans. But you can get the formula right.

Using whole beans seems very intimidating, but there are a few perks to using them over ground coffee.

When you grind beans, you take away all of their natural oils. This makes the coffee spoil faster.

Whole bean coffee tends to taste much richer than ground coffee as well.

You’re used to drinking ground coffee, so you won’t notice this until you make the switch.

2 # Roast Your Own Beans!

You think that this is a lot of work just to get some coffee.

But if you’re addicted to finding the perfect cup, this won’t bother you at all.

The good thing is that you can do this in an oven, in a skillet, or in a special coffee bean roaster.

The process can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes!

Roasting your own beans also costs less and you can pick and choose from a variety.

Not to mention that home roasted decaf tastes so much better than store bought decaf.

3 # Roast Type

Now that you have your beans to roast, you need to choose how much you want to roast them.

After all, we all have preferences and you don’t want slightly roasted beans if you like a darker coffee.

There are four types of roast; light, medium, medium-dark, and dark.

If you buy ground coffee, you see this on the packaging.

Each type has a darker appearance when brewed and will have a stronger flavor, so you have a lot of options .

When you roast coffee to one of these types, you create 800-1000 different aroma compounds, which give the coffee its flavor.

Cool, huh?

4 # Fresh Beans

If home roasting doesn’t fit in your lifestyle (or you just don't feel like it - we aren’t judging), you want to make sure the beans you're buying are as fresh as possible.

Pick a bag with a recent roasting date and take a quick sniff to see if it has a strong aroma.

If it doesn't hit your nose right away when you lightly squeeze the bag, chances are that the beans are out of date.

Check for a one-way CO2 valve.

This is important because coffee beans release large amounts of CO2 and it has nowhere to escape. 

The bag can puff up and eventually pop while simultaneously making the coffee beans spoil.

5 # Storing Your Beans

No matter of how crazy you are on the coffee spectrum, it is important to store coffee beans properly.

And it is always “something” that coffee lovers need to worry about.

You don’t want your beans to go bad from poor storage.

If your beans come in a foil bag with pinholes and a one-way valve, you can just leave it in that and put in away at room temperature.


If not, just place them in an airtight container to store them.

Keep them away from light and warm places, since this can make then lose their freshness a lot faster.

6 # Buy Small Batches

Buying bulk amount of coffee beans may save some of your money.

The problem is that freezing coffee beans is not a good thing.                                  

Instead, buy in small batches, so it is easier to use up.

Smaller batches have a richer flavor.

When you roast in smaller batches, it becomes easier to get the full flavor out of the beans.

7 # Heat More Than the Coffee

Let's say you get distracted, whether it be by kids or maybe housework.

You completely forget about your coffee and when you finally go back to drink it, its cold! 

Now, unless you specifically made cold coffee, I don't think that's what you want.

You can heat your mug with hot water to keep your mug warm or warm your milk before you add it to your coffee.

Getting a cup with a lid or a thermal mug is always a good investment. 

You can keep your coffee warm and avoid spills. A win/win for everyone!

8 # Your Own Flavored Blend

We all know how expensive coffee is by itself.

You can buy a bag of beans that have been infused with flavor, but its not the cheapest.

You can make your own by buying regular coffee beans and flavored syrups.

You can even make your own flavorings at home!

There are many flavor blends that you can make, like mocha-java, black and tan, and filter drip melange.

9 # Make Your Own Froth

You can always go and dish out money on a state-of-the-art frother, but those can get expensive very fast.

But if you don’t have much cash on hand, making your own froth is pretty simple!

You can save a lot of money while still getting the coffee shop feel you love.

All you need is milk, a mason jar, and of course, a microwave.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have that natural sweetness that a more traditional steam would give.

Use skim or two-percent milk; they will foam up better because of the added protein.

10 # Make "Trial Runs"

As a beginner, you won't get your blends right the first time (unless you're lucky).

It takes a few tries to know how much you like to roast your beans.

I always figure out the flavors I like to add. Then, I find out how much milk and sugar to add!

You might even create something that you end up thoroughly enjoying.

But it definitely takes some trial and error and just a little frustration to get those results. 

One day it might be bitter, the next day the blend may not be exactly how you want it.

Just mess around with ratios and your coffee maker settings until you find something that is just best right for you.

3 Tips For Better Flavor

Check Your Coffee Maker

Do you have a quality coffee maker? Nice!

For me, there's been many times I thought I got quality for the best price, but then the product falls short.

I believe similar things happen to you when you buy a coffee maker!

I'm not saying you have to dish out a ton of money on a Starbucks-approved coffee machine, but try to make sure its worth the money you’re spending.

If you've had your machine for a long time and your coffee suddenly takes a turn for the worse, it could be because your equipment is old.

There's isn't really much you can do about this besides start looking for a new coffee maker.

You may also be using the wrong equipment.

Now this is completely understandable if you're not trying to put your bank account in the red.

But if you're reading this guide, chances are you're willing to take your cup of coffee to the next level.

Spending on the right coffee maker is a must.

It’s also important to watch what you're drinking your coffee from. 

Glass/ceramic mugs are always a good choice at home, while stainless steel is good for on-the-go.

Sometimes, it could be as simple as cleaning your coffee maker.

This step is straightforward for some people. 

For others, check the Youtube video showing how to best clean a coffee maker, just in case.

Check Your Water

The water you use can spoil the quality of your coffee.

This seems like a small detail, but it makes the biggest difference in how your coffee tastes.

Try to use filtered water whenever possible, as you don't really know what could be in the faucet water you're using.

These range from smaller filters that can alter than overall taste and odor of the water, while others go through a more extensive process. 

You can also buy bottles of water than have been filtered (but not distilled).

This will save you from spending on a new system. 

Of course, choose whichever method works for you.

Also make sure to use cold water as often as possible.

Not only are coffee makers designed to use colder water, but cold water tends to be more fresh than hot water.

This can, in turn, make the flavor of your coffee more rich.

Make it a habit to check the temperature of your water!

The optimal temperature is between 195 F (91 C) and 205 F (96 C), but try to make it as close to the latter as possible.

Don't let the water boil (212 F or 100 C), though!

This can burn your coffee and result in that weird taste that you probably have experienced in the past.

Check Your Coffee

As I've mentioned before, expired beans that aren't stored properly won't make for a very good tasting coffee.

Sometimes it happens – you are doing everything right and you still don't like the way that your coffee tastes.

That means you probably need to try a different bean or blend.

For example, say you've been using robusta beans.

But no matter how many things you try, the taste is just off.

You can try a different bean all together, like arabica, excelsa, or liberica (just to name a few). 

Or you can use a mix of different beans and flavorings until you find what you like.

Don't be afraid to experiment, your coffee should always be something you look forward to drinking!

Which One Works Best For You?

After going through a long list of tips and tricks, it’s time to ask your feedback!

What tips did you find most useful?

Write in the comment section below.

After trying these stuffs, one by one, let me know - which one works best for you?

And what remains your favorite?

I would love to hear that.

If you already knew some of those.

I want to hear- which tricks never heard of?

And of course, which one (or more) you tried before and failed.

Now you know what to implement?

Please feel free to share more tips and tricks that you know but I missed.

I will surely love to learn those. And I promise to put those in this article

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