Best Hand Crank Coffee Grinders

Hello family and friends. This is your girl Sarah here today.

Our family has decided to spend some time in the mountains for a few days. We are planning to rent a family lodge.

However, we cannot enjoy this family outing without coffee. Our lodge will contain the basic appliances which will not electricity.

Therefore, we will need a hand mill for our coffee grinding.

This time we will be considering the following hand mills:

Why Grind Coffee By Hand?

We will be paddling upstream with our minimum provisions packed in our knapsacks.

As it is just for a few days, clothing will be athletic and multi-purpose.

After arriving at the area of the Lodge Site, we will climb the mountain for a few miles.

We may wish to stop and have some coffee.

An electric coffee grinder would not be useful to us here.


As a hand mill can be taken anywhere and used in any setting; it would be perfect to pack the most efficient and current one among our necessaries.

It needs to be small enough to pack in a knapsack and light enough to carry for miles up a mountain.

It should function in any type of environment whether it is the snowy mountains of Argentina or the cold mountains of Guatemala.


Such a small and efficient piece of machinery should not cost us a fortune.

We do not mind paying for quality but we do not wish to pay the price of a piece of beachfront property.

Once we are paying for quality in its function would be acceptable for our budget.

More Satisfying Coffee Making Experience

I can just imagine our family out in a winter night; sitting in front of a lodge on bamboo chairs.

I am thinking about the smell of freshly ground coffee beans rising from a hand mill.

Lifting our heads to the smell and just inhaling the smell of beans that were carried for miles up the mountain.

The smell of the mountain mixes with the smell of coffee.

At last the taste of the hot coffee in our mouths and we all sigh a sound of pure pleasure. 


This particular hand mill should be able to give us more than one cup of ground coffee at a time.

The consistency should be good enough to just add to a cup of hot water and drink or add sugar and milk to taste.

It would not need all the levels of an electric coffee grinder.

However, having the capacity to fill the air with that smell is important.

We look forward to the smell that we coffee lovers enjoy so much. It should also give us at least medium and fine consistency.

Advantages vs Disadvantages Of Hand Coffee Grinders

Key Advantages



-There are advantages to the performance as in adding little beans at a time will not cause spilling of the ground coffee.

-Adding little beans at a time will also prevent any kind of jamming of the machinery.

-The bean hopper is built in so it will not slip out of place while the beans are being ground.


Can Be Used Without Electricity

As the hand coffee grinder can be used without electricity, it is highly recommended for outings such as camping trips, road trips, and beach days.

It can also be used for just an evening after work in your den or backyard, an after an aerobic exercise class refreshment, a small Mothers' Union meeting and more.

As conservation is my middle name, I can manage my energy bill with the use of a hand mill. I can also recommend it for senior family members living only on Social Security benefits.



Long Lasting/ Durable

 Now if the knapsack with the coffee grinder should fall on our way up the mountain, there should not be any fear. 

The packaging and the materials from which the hand mill is made will make that a no-brainer.

The family member, Jack, will simply pick it up and continue moving with the full confidence that the hand mill was not broken in the fall.


As we will need to fly from the United States of America to travel to the lodge, we may need to put our luggage among others.

The hand coffee mill should travel well without any part breaking off in a long flight.

When traveling by road the mill should also be able to absorb the bumpy roads of any country of the world.

We do not always stay on the paved roads. We love adventure so we travel gravel roads many times to seek new experiences.



A little bit of noise will not hurt anyone but we would not expect the level of noise to disturb the hibernation of the animals of the environment in winter.

A little whirring sound will not matter. It should not sound as if we are doing construction of a seven-story building in the middle of Manhattan, New York.


Key Disadvantages



Speed And Time

 It takes quite some time to grind enough coffee beans for a family of eight to drink. This means that we will need to wait each time we wish to have coffee ground. 

The manual grinder will not be an in-a-jiffy machine as the push button electric coffee grinder.

Each person on the trip will have to be patient to have their coffee.



How we love to have every appliance at the push of a button when we are at home.

A hand coffee grinder does not have such a button. We cannot leave it working and return to find the coffee ground and ready for mixing with hot water, milk, and sugar.

No, we must stand there and turn the handle until all the beans we need ground are ground for the size of our group.


More Effort

The muscles of the person doing the coffee grinding need to be in shape or the grinding will be a huge effort on their part.

We will need guys with muscles. Therefore, family members will need to take turns or one person will be in pain from constantly grinding the coffee beans. We are coffee lovers.


Not Suitable For Making Large Amounts Of Coffee

We will need to grind coffee beans before every session of pleasure in drinking coffee.

One amount of ground coffee will not be enough for us avid coffee lovers. If our members require large amounts of coffee then the hand mill would not have the capacity for that.

However, if we are not in our push-button homes, we will need to adjust our attitude.


Less Consistent Grind

There is some manual which gives less consistent grinds. The consistency of the grind is very important to the smooth taste of the coffee. Coffee should be ground daily and the expected result must be consistent.

If it is not consistent, some of the particles will not dissolve well. We coffee lovers like everything about our coffee experience to be just right, especially as we will be out in the open air most of the time.

What To Consider When Looking For - Some Best Manual Coffee Grinders?

-the ability to be stable while the beans are being ground

-a large size bean hopper

-quiet grinding

-speedy and efficient grinding

-a handle that is made from steel

- a finished draw that will not spill ground coffee

-light enough to travel with on a trip

-small and neat enough to pack in a bag or store on a countertop


Particle Size (or Lack Thereof)

The particle size that is produced from grinding should be consistent. I would prefer to have a manual grinder with a setting which will give the desired particle size.

The particle size should be coarse if the setting is turned to coarse. The particle size should be medium if the setting is turned to medium.

The particle size should be fine if the setting is turned to fine.


Airtight Hopper To Store Beans

The bean hopper of the manual coffee grinder I hope to buy will need to be airtight. This means that when the grinding is in the process, the bean hopper should not flip open and allow the coffee beans to jump out.

This would be a messy process. The hopper also needs to have a sizeable capacity.


Easy Coarseness Adjustment Ring

The adjustment ring should allow me and my family members to have whatever coarseness we prefer. If we prefer a thick coarseness then the ring should have such graduations.

The graduations on the coarseness ring should give us at least four kinds of coarseness. This will be pleasing to us and we will have a good time.

What Features We Liked In Best Manual Coffee Grinders?

The features that we liked in best manual coffee grinders are:-

a) The pad that suctions the machine to the counter to avoid shaking while grinding the coffee beans.

b) The metal handle that turns the manual burr grinder

c) The ability to hold 100 grams of ground coffee.


While this feature, which is manufactured at the bottom of the machine, holds it in place; grinding will be less complicated.

There will be no shaking of the machine and ground coffee will be produced with a better consistency. Therefore, even elderly citizens would be able to grind coffee beans with such a coffee grinder.

The metal handle would contribute to smooth but firm grinding. I would not need to worry about any broken parts if I am traveling or during the process of grinding my favorite blend of coffee beans.

A metal handle also gives the grinder a distinguished look overall.


I would like a manual grinder that can hold as much as 100 grams of ground coffee. I need to serve coffee to eight adults who love drinking coffee.

This means grinding coffee beans daily but I would not be happy grinding twenty times a day to get enough ground coffee to serve them.

Best Manual Coffee Grinders 2019

This grinder is best for a single person or a very small group of about two or three persons.



-5.1” x 8.25” x 5.1”

-Walnut in colour

-* Lifetime warranty on the mechanism

-produces 2 0zs of ground coffee

-grinds pepper seeds as well

-mechanism to adjust size f grind from coarseness to fine

-made from Beechwood

-a wooden drawer to collect ground coffee



-Grinds more than coffee beans

-Maximum flavour in my cup

-The vintage look is exquisite

-The dimensions make it sturdy

-The wood makes it durable




-This machine grinds enough grounds for a single cup of coffee

-Retrieving the ground coffee is a messy job

-It is a non-electric machine so it cannot be left to grind the beans, effort must be used

-Only a small amount of beans can hold in the hopper

-The wooden drawer may leave wooden particles in my ground coffee

-Grinding is done by blades instead of a burr

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This coffee grinder is for the person who loves wooden appliances on their countertops and a small amount of ground coffee at a time.



-20 x9 x14 cm

-2.2 pounds in total weight

-25 year warranty on the grinding mechanism

-made from Mahogany wood

-has a set of conical burrs for grinding

-bean hopper holds 30 grams of coffee beans

-wooden drawer to collect beans

-one steps thumbscrew to adjust desired degree

-extra-long life

-great consistency in grinding

-fantastic aroma while grinding

-turn clockwise for a coarse grind

-turn counter clockwise for a finer grind



-Made from a hardwood which is long lasting

-25 year warranty

-small and compact enough for travelling

Grinds with the aid of conical burrs instead of blades

Easy to adjust desired ground size

-This machine has extra- long life

-produces enjoyable coffee from its grounds



-holds only 30 grams of coffee beans

-collecting beans is a messy process

-it is not large enough for a group of 8 members

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This coffee grinder has the capacity for a large group and will not have you lose the quality of the coffee blend.



-holds 100 grams of coffee beans in the bean hopper

-the bean hopper has graduations of 10 grams if you wish to grind less than 100 grams

-has 15 coarseness settings for grind size

-precision grind with conical burrs which means getting the size I want at every grind

-deep aroma side handle to better manage stability

-grip pad below the base to hold in place on countertop or table

-from every ground blend of coffee beans

-space for your other hand to hold the machine steady while grinding

-it does not need big muscles to grind coffee beans

-it is simple to use

-easy to clean

-comes with a cleaning brush



-holds 100 grams of coffee beans in the hopper

-mechanism can produce 15 coarseness settings

-grip pad to hold in place on a smooth surface

-new position of grind handle

-simple to use

-does not require strength to use

-uses conical burrs to grind the coffee beans

-allows the use of the user’s other hand to hold steady while grinding

-precision grinding spells pleasure in aroma and taste

-Easy to clean with brush and warm water



-may have more ground coffee than you can drink if you change your mind about the blend for the day

-may be too large for a small woman to carry on a hike

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The word mini is self-explanatory. This coffee bean grinder is for a single person to use in their home.



-capacity of 20 grams

-dimensions of 47 mm in diameter and 130 mm in height

-compact and small enough for travelling

-this mechanism has adjustable settings for multiple grind sizes

-great ground consistency

-easy to use

-grinds quickly

-can be used anywhere



-easy to travel with on a plane or in a vessel on up a stream

-can be carried on a hike in a knapsack

-stainless steel which gives it quality in durability

-easy to use

-easy to clean

-no static clinging of ground coffee

-pleasant aroma while grinding

-grinds with speed

-conical burrs to grind the coffee

-Works efficiently to give consistent coffee ground

-stainless steel matches any decor



-only holds 20 grams of ground coffee

-too small to hold enough grounds for a group of 8

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Antique vs. Wooden vs. Vintage Manual Grinder

Bonus Section: 
Antique / Vintage Coffee Grinder

Vintage Coffee Grinder is made for royalty.

We all can experience the royal taste from grinding in vintage mills.

The era of Queen Victoria was from 20th June, 1837 to 22nd January, 1901.

During this period the coffee grinders were named after the queen as the era was named after her.

Let us imagine her having coffee instead of her usual cup of tea in the mornings.

I find Vintage coffee grinders interesting as one of my names is Victoria.

Also known as :

- Victorian Era English Iron and Brass Coffee Grinder

- Victorian Era Coffee Mill

- Victorian Painted Cast Iron 

This coffee mill is best for a person who wants thick coffee ground.



-4.4” x4.4” x10.6”

-total weight of 1075 grams

-Chestnut in colour

-Vintage look in make of this hand mill

-iron burrs to grind the coffee bean

-a drawer to collect the coffee

-grinds coffee beans quickly

-collects ground coffee in a drawer

-easy to use

-hand crank classic



-light to carry on a trip

-light and convenient for camping

-vintage look for your home

-grinding done by iron burrs

-easy to use

-beautiful Chestnut color

-grinds speedily

-great consistency in ground coffee

-think ground coffee

-Classic design

-hand crank

-the fantastic aroma can be inhaled while grinding coffee beans

-great topic for discussion



-the collection drawer is too small for my group of 8

-I will need to grind many times to get enough grounds for a session of enjoyable coffee

-Messy collection of ground coffee from the drawer

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The Verdict - Which Hand Coffee Mill Do We Prefer?

I have decided.

I like a bit of mystery so we will be traveling to Guatemala for a few days. 

Of course, Jack and I have made a decision to take the coffee grinder which holds the largest amount of beans in the hopper. It is the Handground Precision Coffee Grinder.

The word precision means a lot to us; it means that we will have ground coffee to meet everyone’s satisfaction.

There will be no complaints. As I like a bit of mystery; I will be experimenting with the ability of the grip pad and the solid aluminum handle which is on the side of the machine instead of the top. Adventure, adventure, adventure!

My other hand will be free to hold the grinder but I should not need to put all my strength to hold the grinder in place.

We will be having a coffee filled a few days away from the walls of our homes. Instead, we will be in the open cold but refreshing and invigorating healthy mountain air of Guatemala.

The top of this grinder will lock all our 100 grams of coffee beans in so that no spilling to the ground or floor and cause us any loss at all.

If any person wishes to grind just a small amount of beans, the hopper has graduations of 10 grams which can be used.

It is a pleaser for even the grumpiest coffee grinder person. I love the fact that it can be cleaned with just a brush and a little warm water.

We will not have space to carry extra tools just for cleaning the grinder.

Sarah Price

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