How To Grind Coffee Without A Grinder?

I won't let something as small as not having a coffee grinder at home keep me from enjoying my cup of coffee in the morning, no matter where I'm at.

Whether I'm camping or unpacking from a move, I usually keep a best non-electric coffee grinder with us.

If not, there are tons of ways to grind my coffee properly without even having a manual or electric coffee grinder.

I've scoured everything that I could and talked to my husband, Jack who had a few tips of his own to come up with the best ways to grind coffee beans without a grinder.

Sit back, relax (hopefully with your cup of coffee) and enjoy our tips below.

I’ve done all the research and here are my tried and true ways.

Using A Different Appliance To Grind Beans

You can use other appliances around your home to grind coffee beans.

While a grinder is perfectly designed for this task, you can easily make coffee and also use different household appliances to accomplish the task.

Mechanically grinding the beans against the one another and the internal pieces of the appliance will ensure that they are whittled down to the appropriate size.

Automated grinding the beans is not only the quickest way but also the easiest to get to the right texture quickly.

So its better If you know which is the best grinder for French press.

Grind Beans Using A Blender

While a blender may not be your first go-to in this situation, a blender can be your grinding super weapon.

With multiple settings, you can custom grind the beans to the correct coarseness quickly.

We recommend starting slow and using short bursts for the best results.

If your blender has a grind or ice crushing setting that should be used first before switching to a different setting if you’re trying for a finer grind.

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Use A Food Processor

Like a blender, a food processor can stand up to the rigid coffee beans to grind them quickly and effectively.

While there are many different designs and basin sizes, the process is the same.

Short bursts are recommended to not over process the coffee beans.

After the first few bursts, check the beans before each pulse to get them to the perfect texture.

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Use An Immersion Blender

Like a blender or food processor, an immersion blender can also manually grind the coffee beans. 

While this might not be the optimal choice, it can get the job done in a pinch. It’s important to be aware of the container that you use.

An immersion blender isn’t going to have a basin or container as part of the appliance.

Make sure that your container is large enough so that the coffee beans don’t spill over the sides of the container.

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Grinding Beans Without Using An Appliance

Sometimes, you don’t have electricity or another appliance to grind coffee beans.

Don’t worry! You can still enjoy that tasty cup of coffee, it’ll just take a little bit of ingenuity.

While it isn’t as precise as mechanically grinding coffee beans, you can still enjoy French press or brewed coffee easily.

Use A Mortar and Pestle

Taking a page out of ancient medicine men’s playbook, a mortar and pestle is the perfect tool to grind coffee beans.

Mortar and Pestle for grounding coffee

While you will have to purchase this tool, it can help when making marinades, spice rubs, and garnishes.

This useful tool can help you to grind the beans to any texture that is needed.

It may be more time intensive than other methods, but is a good solution in a pinch.

Crack Them

When you’re camping or unpacking boxes from a recent move, you may find a nutcracker.

While it may seem tedious and time consuming, a nut cracker can break down the coffee beans.

A nutcracker may not be able to produce finer texture grounds, but for a French press or percolator, a nutcracker can get the job done.

Use A Rolling Pin

Rolling pins aren’t just for baking any more. Place the coffee beans in a Ziploc bag.

By enclosing them you’ll have less cleanup afterwards.

Take the rolling pin by one of the handles and use a hammer motion to break up the beans in the bag.

Continue this process to the desired texture. The bag can conveniently be emptied to make your delicious cup of coffee.

Use A Hammer

For the man who’s looking to enjoy his cup of Joe in the morning, a hammer may be the best tool for the job.

Hammer for coffee ground

Make sure to put the coffee beans in the bag first to make sure they don’t get everywhere.

Also, check the beans frequently. You want to make sure you don’t over crush your coffee beans by taking out your frustration.

Use A Knife

use knife for ground coffee

A knife can also be used to grind coffee beans.

We recommend using a cleaver or other large bladed knife.

Turn the knife perpendicular to your working surface and use gentle pressure to push down to crush the beans.

You can use your body weight to push down to crush them by leaning down rather than using your hands only.

Use A Frying Pan

Similar to the knife, a frying pan can grind down the coffee beans by crushing them.

The frying pan has a larger surface area and is a great choice when you are grinding coffee beans for a crowd.

When you press down, don’t use the handle. Place your hands on opposite sides of pan and push down.

You’ll save yourself from an accident by using consistent pressure.

Use A Hand Mincer

A hand mincer is an industrial tool that takes the product and processes it.

Depending on attachments and blades, there are numerous uses for this heavy-duty tool.

Make sure you have the appropriate attachment for grinding.

These are great when a lot of fine ground coffee is needed for espressos or baking.

Make Sure You Choose The Right Grind

When you are grinding your coffee, it is important to gauge how coarse or fine a grind you need for what you’re doing.

By using manual tools or electrical appliances, take the time to frequently check the grind during the process.

The longer you grind the beans the finer the grind you’ll have.

Coarse Ground coffee

Use Coarse Ground Coffee Beans In A French Press

You can easily avoid mistakes while grinding for French Press!

A French press is perfectly designed for coarse ground coffee beans.

By being coarse, the plunger can push the grounds.

This makes sure the beans stay in the press and not in your cup!

This is the most forgiving of the methods when you have to manual grind beans and a great option when camping.

medium ground coffee

When In Doubt, A Medium Grind Is Best

When you’re not using a French Press and not having an espresso, a medium grind is best for everything else.


Whether you’re using a traditional coffee maker, percolator, or even cold brew, a medium grind is the best all-around solution to allow you to enjoy your coffee.

Espresso Needs A Fine Grind

For the perfect cup of espresso, a fine grind is necessary.

This potent coffee beverage is the luxurious solution that is enjoyed by connoisseurs around the world.

fine ground for espresso

Fine grind is best done by using an appliance but with a bit of patience and time, you can still get the fine grind necessary to enjoy espresso no matter where you are and what tools you have.

Turkish Coffee Needs A Super Fine Grind

When you want the best cup of coffee that you’ve ever had, you’ll need a super fine grind.

You’ll need to grind the beans with an electrical appliance to get the fine grind needed.

To grind the beans to the appropriate texture mechanically is almost impossible.

Use a machine to get to the grind and you’ll be in business.

Why Texture of The Grind Is Important

When you are making a cup of coffee, the grind allows the coffee’s natural oils to infuse.

By having the right grind for what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll make sure that you have the right grind to enjoy the perfect cup of Joe.

While it may seem unnecessary, the quality of your coffee will greatly increase by having the correct grind.

Talking Coffee Grinds With A Professional

Coffee Shops are great places to talk coffee.

We recommend going into your local shops when it’s not busy and chatting up the baristas. 

They live, breathe, and pour coffee day after day and can answer any specific questions you have about the beans themselves and grinding them perfectly.


No matter what type of coffee you are attempting to enjoy, grinding the beans is the first step.

With electronic appliances and manual tools throughout your kitchen, camping equipment, or garage, there’s no excuse why you can’t grind your beans at home.

Check the beans often during the process to make sure you’re getting the needed texture and you’ll be in business in no time!

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