Breville Pro Coffee Bean Grinder Review 2019

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro coffee grinder is durable for its steel burrs. And one of the best coffee grinder for French press, Espresso and cold brew coffee at home!
However, this one is little bit expensive, challenging to operate as well as cleaning your coffee grinder.

When it comes to kitchen appliances Breville is one of the leading manufacturers.

Over the years, the company has produced a number of kitchen appliances and perhaps the best among the company’s top products are different types of coffee grinders

One of them is the Breville pro coffee bean grinder.

This top product is considered almost the overall best coffee grinder by top review websites.

It is an improvement to the original Breville Smart Grinder. You can hardly differentiate between the two grinders.

To set the new product apart the company attached the word 'Pro' to the name.

The most notable improvement you are going to notice in this product is the shims.

This no longer requires modification of tweaking before you can achieve a perfect grind.

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Whom Breville Pro Smart Coffee Bean Grinder Is Meant For?

Breville pro coffee bean grinder is a perfect grinder.
Means, for anybody who enters the kitchen or grinds beans.

Moreover, due to the efficiency of the product, it can grind significant quantities of beans within a very short time.

Why Breville Smart Grinder Pro Is Best For?

  • Home use
  • It can be used by chefs in restaurants, in and eating-places
  • Most importantly, you can use it for commercial purposes
  • Anybody who buys this Breville product would have great value for money

What Are The Major Reasons For Using Breville Pro Coffee Bean Grinder?

Coffee Tastes Great

When you are looking for this type of product, the first factor to consider is how the coffee tastes.

With Breville smart grinder pro, the coffee tastes great. This is one of the greatest selling points.

The taste would not change with Breville pro coffee bean grinder.

Fresh Grind

It will always deliver a fresh grind.

When you use it, it would grind straight to the espresso filter or strainer.

Dispenses Coffee in Downward Fashion

Another great thing you are going to like about Breville pro coffee grinder is that it dispenses its coffee contents in a downward fashion.

Moreover, when it is dispensing, it would not show any clogging sign.

Many people prefer it for its fantastic way of delivering contents.

Effortless Way to Prepare Your Coffee

This is perhaps the best user-friendly grinder.

You are not going to find it hard to change the grind time and size.

No Waste

There is nothing like waste with Breville pro coffee grinder.

Because even small excess that falls to the base during the grinding process is easily dispatched.

Breville Pro Coffee Bean Grinder: Features

Here are great features that set the product apart:

Set Dose

One of the greatest features of Breville pro coffee bean grinder is, it makes it easy for you to set the dose of beans you want to grind with it.

The grinding setting of the previous brand is 25 grinds.

There is a remarkable difference between that and the current product.

Breville BCG pro coffee bean grinder now has up to sixty grind settings.

The benefit of this coffee bean grinder is that you are going to achieve a better output as you can fine tune your grindings.

Hence can achieve a better result when compared to the previous product.


Just like the previous versions of Breville coffee grinders, the new smart coffee grinder features LCD display.

And this means you can actually observe your readings as it displays.

It shows lots of information such as settings, temperature and so on.

Most importantly, the display is very bright and this means that you are going to observe what you are doing even in a poor lighting condition.

Removable Airtight

Another important thing you are going to observe in this product is that it features a removable airtight bean hopper.

This is good because it ensures that the beans are fresh.

You can see that it has everything that you desire to enjoy using it.

One thing is certain when you buy this product and that it is you are going to enjoy a high-end coffee grinding.

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  • Perhaps the greatest thing that you are going to like in this product is the fact that it is easy and simple to use.
  • It does not make noise when compared to several other bean grinders out there.
  • Dosing control is efficient and that can be because it is upgraded.
  • You are going to achieve any kind of grinding texture you want when you use this great product.
  • Features more grinds setting and because of that it produces a uniform grinding results.
  • Includes all the accessories that you need for the performance and these given as bonuses.
  • Breville pro coffee bean grinder is a durable product.
  • Breville smart pro grinder is very efficient.


  • In terms of maintenance, there is no remarkable difference between this product and the previous version.
  • This means that they share the same issue when it comes to maintenance.
  • It is important that you clean the product frequently.
  • You are going to encounter the same challenge as in the previous version, which is getting access to some of the parts that need to be cleaned.
  • One has expected that the company uses this opportunity to solve this abnormally.
  • During cleaning, it is difficult to access some parts of it.
  • You cannot save different setting for different brewing methods in Breville pro coffee grinder


Question: Are there differences between it and the previous editions?

Answer: There are some remarkable differences between them.

For instance, this product makes for more settings than the previous versions.
Question: Is this product the same mechanically as some of those other control pros?

Answer: Breville pro smart coffee grinder is better than most of its contemporaries.

It is a good because it ensures uniform grind

Question: Does the machine make noise?

Answer: The machine does not make noise and you can hardly know that it is working.

Alternatives to Breville Pro Coffee Bean Grinder

Though Breville Pro Coffee Bean Grinder is a great product, there are some alternatives.

At least three alternatives are discovered and they are discussed below


  • It is easy to clean
  • The machine is easy to use
  • It provides forty steps range, this means that is can be used for different kinds of coffee
  • Its calibration holds well
  • It makes less noise


  • Some users complain that it can heat up.
  • This is a good product that compares with Breville product. There are similarities between them.
  • They almost sell at the same price. It costs higher than Breville and some users are happy paying the extra dollars.
  • Several users would always opt for Brevilla product because it is a smart product.

Learn more about Bodum electric coffee bean grinder


  • It is compact and lightweight product.
  • You are going to derive real value for your money.
  • This one delivers excellent performance.
  • Also offers quiet grinding operation.
  • It is available in different fun colors.


  • Limited grind settings.
  • Limited dispensing volume.
  • In addition, the two products are compared, you discover there are similarities between them.
  • They have different settings.
  • Breville pro coffee bean grinder has an edge when it comes to setting.
  • Furthermore, many people would always prefer it because of this great feature.


  • Super design
  • The grinder looks great
  • It is sturdily constructed and offers great functions
  • Different colors are available from where you can choose from.


  • Some users complain that it does not deliver perfect grind.
  • There are differences between these two products while it comes to performance.
  • Breville pro smart coffee been grinder is the best between these two products.
  • Yet it is more expensive it provides more options.


Breville pro smart coffee bean grinder is a perfect grinder and it is recommended for anybody seeking perfect grinding.

This is an improvement of what used to be in the previous version.

It has lots of options and features and this makes it easier for you to customize it.

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